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Wed Sep 26 16:19:14 PDT 2007

>From the bubbling depths of intellectual foment known as "Right-Mind," Christ Church Elder Dale Courtney's blog :

In noting today that it was five years ago that the topless-in-Moscow issue came to prominence with the refusal to repeal the City's anti-public nudity ordinance, Courtney sagely affirms that "liberal old men" wanting to look at barebreasted young women was the impetus behind the formation of the Moscow Civic Association.   And yes, Dale, I realize you probably don't mean that literally -- I'm sure you think they also were motivated by hatred of all that's good and decent in society, wanting to replace it with the horrors of feminized men, lite beer, and mandatory bicycle helmets for all.  I know you hold the MCA in contempt, and I believe you said exactly what you meant.  

Which is more than a little odd, coming from a man who uses "Studly" as his geocaching nickname.   And it's especially ironic, given that you serve a pastor who, as editor of a "Christian" magazine, Credenda/Agenda, oversaw the publishing of a cover depicting a gorgeous woman fawning over a gorgeous man with battery cables attached to his nipples.  You affirm the work of that same pastor, the one who chortled and applauded after another elder and NSA fellow wrote an April Fool's Day press release -- on purloined UI letterhead -- announcing a feminist lecture on "The Topless/Bottomless Duality" in academia, a response to a local controversy that did nothing more than widen the circle of immature guys who reveled in the chance to contribute to the titty humor that permeated Moscow five years ago.  (If this seems inconsistent with the values proclaimed at New St. Andrews, the Kirk's paean to classic pedagogy, it ought to.  On the other hand, it's entirely consistent with the behaviors of this particular group of fatuous fellows ...).  I would be remiss if I didn't reminisce, too, about that other knee-slapper -- the "HOOTERS" sign some skylarking Trinitarians draped over the "Welcome to Moscow" sign on the west entrance of town during that time.  In short, the points I'm making -- ooh!  ooh!  wouldn't it be funny if I, a woman, said "I have two points" ! -- are that Dale is remarkably enmeshed with a group that has a pronounced preference for boob jokes, and is remarkably blithe in condemning MCA, given your allegiances.  

Yep, it appears that Dale knows an awful lot about men -- liberal OR conservative -- and the jollies they get from the sight, thought, or depiction of the female breast.  What puzzles me is why this paragon of Christian leadership is more bothered by liberals than by leaders of his church acting like boys whose "future men" pursuit  appears to be a lost cause.



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