[Vision2020] Senator Larry Craig Challenges Guilty Plea

Tom Hansen idahotom at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 26 15:11:14 PDT 2007

Ted Moffett stated:
“I think that arresting someone for Craig's conduct in this case is over zealous, and probably unconstitutional.  Craig peered into a stall, bumped someones foot, and his hand came under the stall divider.  This is disorderly conduct?  Questionable.”
As stipulated in the police complaint, Senator Craig peered into the neighboring stall for approximately TWO MINUTES (not exactly a “quick glance”). 
By pleading guilty Senator Craig is admitting that he did, in fact, violate a law of the state of Minnesota and that he is GUILTY of committing that crime.  Senator Craig filed his guilty plea two months after having been charged with a crime.  Now, he is not only requesting that his guilty plea be overturned, but that the charges be dismissed since he feels he did not commit a crime (the crime that he plead guilty to). 
Mr. Moffett goes on to say:
“If Craig had pled not guilty odds are this charge would have been dropped.  But avoiding publicity no doubt was uppermost on Craig's mind.”
What makes you even imply that “if Craig had pled not guilty odds are this charge would have been dropped”?  Had that been the case, and the charges had been dropped, one can’t even begin to imagine the fallout that would have caused.  I believe that had Senator Craig pled “Not Guilty” to the original charge, he would have been scheduled for trial (something he was trying to avoid if guilty, and eagerly anticipated if not guilty).
And Mr. Moffett continues . . .
“Consider the approach taken to Senator Vitter, linked to affairs with prostitutes.  If Craig had faced this problem, would the attacks against him have been so vituperative?  Why should Craig be forced out of the US Senate for his conduct, and Vitter not?  A married man having sex with prostitutes is morally superior to a married man having gay sex?”
This is a textbook example of politics in action.  
The reason why the Republican Party zealously pursued Senator Craig and wanted to avoid pursuing Senator Vitter is found in their respective state capitals.  If/When Senator Craig is forced to step down from his senate seat, it is logically anticipated that Idaho’s Republican governor Butch Otter will replace him with another Republican.  If Senator Vitter were forced to step down from his senate seat, it is just as likely that Louisiana’s Democrat governor Kathleen Blanco  would have appointed a Democrat replacement and the Democrat Party would have gained another US Senate seat without as much as an election.
Things that make you go "Hmmm."
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