[Vision2020] Is it really news??

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Pat, I think Tom performs a valuable service in reminding all of us once again what happened when Cheney changed his mind and had us invade Iraq.  I suppose Cheney, et al, don't want to be congratulated for having called it right the first time, but they ought to be held accountable for not heeding their own counsel.  The responsibility for this fiasco is rightly placed at the feet of those who damned well knew what they were doing -- gleefully driving the U.S. into a morass of endless, pointless, soul-less violence -- and whose ability to do so was made possible by people whose worldview is limited but clearly defined in favor of imperialism, oil, and profit.  

I think you and your pro-war arguments probably deserve better than to be fronted by an appeal to the need to be flexible in raising children, and they certainly aren't enhanced by your condescending tone to those unwilling or unable to be tutored by you in the politics and morality of war.   You may not be an oil-grabbing imperialist, Pat, but that you would use
your "never say never" experience with your children to defend those
who are suggests that your political leadership was rightly confined within the
walls of your own home.   Why not tell us why you think the war is/was/will be a good idea, without comparing geopolitics to the time Bobby broke Cindy's favorite tea set?


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> I have no intentions of trying to explain world politics to those who do 
> not know what is really happening in the world as this article so clearly 
> points out.
> What I was asking is whether the person who keeps posting quotes made so 
> long ago really thinks they still have any validity with events that have 
> happened since they were said. I can remember to my deep embarrassment the 
> many times I said 'my children will never' and then new experiences came 
> along and I knew I was soooooo wrong. Is it so hard to believe that others 
> would have the same experiences?? I realized that I would not get some to 
> actually think about it I just wondered what reactions there would be.
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