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Why?!  WHY?!!!  Because this fool has (and is) WASTED hours and hours of City employee's time, time for the City Council and the P/Z Committee, LIED to everyone about what the project is about and is constantly violating the parameters that the City Council DEMANDED they follow, all in the name of making "MONEY, MONEY, MONEY" (as Doug would say).  Why?! you say, does this matter?  Simple - it affects everyone in the area, everyone that pays taxes and everyone who went to the meetings.  It affects those who wanted to get their projects heard and couldn't because the employees were busy with this pile of dung and couldn't get to other projects and because other projects were DENIED the same consideration (yeah, even Beebe got caught in that one) - THAT'S WHY.

I could care less if he wants to sell his house - fact is, I HOPE he sells and moves on out of here.  But, I do care that he is obviously flaking out on another project, just like he has done in this community and others.  This is his pattern and one that Doug's parishioners are going to pay for as he will be taking "innocent" people's hard-earned lives with him.

And I DO have a life, Pat.  Sadly, it is you who hides behind others...and refuses to see what is so obvious.

J  :]

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May someone say....none of your business?? Why on earth 
have you nothing better to do than harp at this stuff?? Get a 

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Ok, so here's an interesting situation:  Mike Hoffman, a 
  kirker surveyor/developer/property owner, is selling his home on N Polk 
  through a kirker owned/operated reality company.  Question for Mr. 
  Hoffman - Why ya selling?  I thought this was supposed to be your "family 
  home".  I mean, you do own the rights to Matt Grey's and Doug Wilson's 
  property, with the idea that you're developing that whole area for what you 
  purposed to be a retirement community for 55 and older (well, ok - so that 
  just the story you gave the Council and Zoning Committee, just so you could 
  get your PUD and building permits) but I thought your whole plan hinged on you 
  living there.  I mean, that IS what you said in the committee and council 

Guess you lied about that as well, eh?

Mike, Mike, 
  Mike....just when are you going to stop with the stories and tell us exactly 
  what is going on on N Polk?  I mean besides you digging holes, filling 
  them in, (sans compaction) and then re-digging them....geez - a body could 
  almost say you really don't know what you're doing.  Well, except packing 
  your bags like you did in Oregon.

Got your tickets yet, Mike?


(ok GC - go for it! We all know you have a perfectly plausible 
  reasoning for Mike's behavior.  So before you burst a cork...)

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