[Vision2020] Kerry speech/student tasered

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I'm sure that you were striving to be amusing but I'm afraid to make that fly you would have to have incorporated a grain of truth into your jab. A quick review of my last hundred or so posts to this list reveal precious little support for President Bush. Conservative viewpoints, yes. Raving support for the administration, no. Fortunately, comedic talent would likely only be a hindrance to you in your future endeavors. Your ability to  make an unfounded assertion, however, is certain to come in handy.


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> On 9/21/07, g. crabtree <jampot at roadrunner.com> wrote:
>> I very much doubt that you would be making the same argument if the guy was
>> a raving Bush supporter who refused to stand down after his time was up and
>> only wanted to hold forth, not ask a specific question.
> Gary --
> You're a raving Bush supporter who keeps ranting long after his time
> has passed, and you don't see me calling for *you* to be tasered, do
> you?
> -- ACS
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