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I have not read one comment in this threat regarding what the tasered
student was asking John Kerry.  Maybe I missed it.

What I heard in the media, which I have not verified, is that the student
was holding a book by Greg Palast (in the video you can see the student is
holding up a book during the incident), dealing with the election in 2004,
which Palast (and others who have studied the facts carefully) asserts was
stolen from Kerry via voting fraud and abuse of various kinds.  The student
is questioning Kerry about why he did not do more to address the fact his
election to the White House was stolen (my wording, not what the student may
have possibly said).

If this is indeed what the student was asking John Kerry, the question is

The student may have been being disruptive in pushing his question
"inappropriately" during this appearance by Kerry. But unless there is a
threat of violence, or vandalism, etc. I don't understand why law
enforcement needed to arrest someone using violence for asking questions
during a public event.  But I'm not certain of the total context in which
law enforcement felt they needed to take these actions.  I suspect the fact
a US Senator was in the room resulted in a high level of police security for
the event, and they did not want to take any chances of someone "out of
control" doing harm to Kerry.

Everyone knows how managed public appearances have become for
politicians. Nothing "off script" is allowed, if possible.  Some politicians
screen everyone at their public appearances before they are allowed in.  The
audience is thus pre-selected to avoid protest.  George W. Bush is well
known for "public" appearances of this sort

Ted Moffett

On 9/21/07, Janesta <janesta at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't care if the guy did this 1000 times before. Violence should NEVER
> be used to silence the opinion of another.
> Janesta
> On 9/20/07, Andreas Schou <ophite at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > On 9/20/07, Pat Kraut < pkraut at moscow.com> wrote:
> > > On this kids web site he has other occasions when he has 'diturbed the
> >
> > > peace' and asked for all he got. His mic had been turned off by
> > someone who
> > > thought he had gone on long enough so it wasn't just the cops who
> > thought he
> > > had pushed his limits. Its just one more example of the current
> > generation
> > > pushing the boundries and grownups being unable or unwilling to draw a
> > line
> > > in manners and behavior.
> >
> > Pat --
> >
> > In what universe is being rude punishable through coercive use of
> > state violence?
> >
> > -- ACS
> >
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