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You are absolutely right. That also goes for all government employee's. Far too many of them think that they can set their own rules and not deal with any one they don't like. They are public servants and should work with everyone who  is in that agencies domain.

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> It is the right, and duty, I might add, for every American to question our elected officials.
> In case anyone forgot, they work for us, we DO NOT work for them. Our taxes pay their salaries, WE are their employers.
> Too often our elected officials get into office, get used to being molly-coddled by staff, other officials and, yes, even the media. This gives them a sense of "entitlement" and leads to their thinking they above, beyond and more "important" than Joe Blow.
> As their employers, we have the right to demand explanations for their votes/actions. If their answers are not forthcoming, are vague, untruthful or condescending, we can and should replace them at the next election.
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