[Vision2020] Kerry speech/student tasered

Saundra Lund sslund at roadrunner.com
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Wow -- thanks, Sunil, for posting this even though it was deeply disturbing
to me.

For those who might not click through to the link:
"But the police decided that Meyer, an American citizen, had no right to
free speech and no constitutional protection.  They threw him to the floor
and tasered him right in front of Senator Kerry and the large student
audience, who captured on video the unquestionable act of police brutality.
Meyer was carted off and jailed on a phony charge of  “disrupting a public

The question we should all ask is why did a United States Senator just stand
there while Gestapo goons violated the constitutional rights of a student
participating in a public event, brutalized him in full view of everyone,
and then took him off to jail on phony charges? . . . 

The Bush Republicans and their Democratic toadies have, in the name of
“security,” made all of us powerless.  While Senator John Kerry and his
Democratic colleagues stand silently, the Bush administration has stolen our
country from us and turned us into subjects."


Saundra Lund
Moscow, ID

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do
- Edmund Burke

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Above is the address of an article about a speech yesterday by John Kerry.  
A student gets up and asks a question (quoting from a book I've mentioned 
here) and ends up getting grabbed by police officers and tasered in front of

the crowd while Kerry drones on.  It's truly bizarre; the video link at the 
end of the article shows it all happening.


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