[Vision2020] Carnival Worker Claims Passengers Having Sex CausedCar Crash

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And it makes the national news . . .



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>From today's (September 18, 2007) Moscow-Pullman Daily News -


Carnival worker claims passengers having sex caused Saturday car crash
Staff report

September 18, 2007

A 22-year-old Latah County Fair carnival worker pleaded guilty Monday to
a reduced misdemeanor after he said he lost control of the Chevrolet
S-10 Blazer he was driving because of the movements and motions of two
passengers having sex in the backseat of the vehicle.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, Joshua D. Frank was
traveling eastbound on Sixth Street around 1 a.m. Saturday and lost
control of the vehicle when the motions of the people in the back seat
caused the Blazer to become "tippy" and lose control before colliding
with a telephone pole.

According to the affidavit, Frank said he tried to avoid the telephone
pole, but was unable to turn out of a skid.

According to the affidavit, Frank said he did not remember anything
following the accident, but somehow made his way to his trailer at the
carnival where he went to sleep. When he woke up, Frank said he was told
by co-workers at the carnival that the police were searching for him. At
10:47 a.m., he turned himself in at the police station.

Frank suffered a 2-inch gash on his forehead and the other two
passengers were treated for injuries, according to the affidavit.

Frank originally was charged with a felony count of leaving the scene of
an accident, but the charges were later reduced to a misdemeanor count
of failing to notify police of a traffic accident. He was fined $188 for
the incident.

Latah County Prosecutor Bill Thompson said after reviewing the evidence,
the county determined the misdemeanor charges better fit the incident.

Frank told police he had not been drinking, according to the affidavit.


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