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What was Hussein doing to try to control the Straits of Hormuz?


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>If you read the entire article Greenspan wasn't talking about Iraq's
>production of oil but controlling the Straits of Hormuz which would allow
>Saddam to control Middle East oil shipments.
>"Mr Greenspan said it was clear to him that Saddam Hussein had wanted to
>control the Straits of Hormuz and so control Middle East oil shipments
>through the vital route out of the Gulf. He said that had Saddam been able
>to do that it would have been "devastating to the west" as the former Iraqi
>president could have just shut off 5m barrels a day and brought "the
>industrial world to its knees"."
>Kris Freitag
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>I disagree Glenn.  I think that many advocates for the war did think it
>would benefit Israel (though there are many Israelis who disagree with 
>position) but I don't think this was the main reason for the war, though
>some in the administration may have viewed it as a side benefit.
>I used to think the war was launched in order to control Iraq's oil 
>to boost production, but now I'm more persuaded by Greg Palast's argument
>that the reason was to control Iraq's reserves to prevent Hussein from
>producing more and destabilizing the market.  For me this comes closer to
>answering the question 'Why did Cheney change his mind about invading 
>than the other theories.
>Ted's comments about the press failures prior to launching the war against
>Iraq are equally true when it comes to uncritical coverage of the current
>statements about Iran.
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> >
> >The US net petroleum imports for 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 
> >to 4208, 4476, 4811, 5055, and 4968 million barrels per year, and 2454
> >million barrels from January through June of 2007.  Over the same period 
> >time the Iraqi contributions were 168, 176, 240, 194, and 202 million
> >barrels per year, and 86 million barrels from January through June of 
> >(
> >http://tonto.eia.doe.gov/dnav/pet/pet_move_impcus_a2_nus_ep00_im0_mbbl_m.ht
> >).  This constitutes 4%, 3.9%, 5%, 3.9 % 4.1% and 3.5% of our total oil
> >imports.  A case for going to war if I've ever seen one.
> >
> >The current cost of the war is around $455 billion give or take, and if 
> >were to defray this cost by levying an excise tax on Iraqi oil imports 
> >2003 to the present, it would amount to around $507 a barrel.  Assuming 
> >imports remain steady over a 10 year period this would be about $51 a
> >barrel, and over 25 years, a little more than $20 a barrel.  How can 
> >possibly justify paying an excise tax of $20 per barrel for 25 years 
> >to ensure a cheap supply of oil from Iraq?  Ludicrous!  War for oil  
> >nonsense.  War for Israel  the real fulcrum of the Iraqi conflict.
> >
> >"The United States is strongly committed, and I am strongly committed, to
> >the security of Israel as a vibrant Jewish state. . . By defending the
> >freedom and prosperity and security of Israel, (we are) also serving the
> >cause of America."  (President Bush:  address to the American Israel 
> >Affairs Committee, Washington DC, May 18, 2004).
> >
> >We have paid a high price in dollars, international prestige and in the
> >lives of our soldiers for the interests of a foreign state, and we will
> >continue to do so until the Jewish-Zionist hold on US political life is
> >finally broken.
> >
> >  GS
> >
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