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>From a message to a friend:

Those in power trying to block significant change regarding lowering CO2
emissions are losing the argument.  You are too pessimistic about CO2
sequestration for coal power and the possibility of sharing this technology
with the Chinese.  CEOs of USA energy industries are already aware that
aggressively addressing CO2 emissions is going to happen, and happen soon
(next twenty years).

Below read statements from American Electric Power, the largest coal
electric generating company in the USA.  They are already moving towards
addressing CO2 emissions from coal power and sharing the technology with
China.  The statement at the pdf link below states (we shall see if this is
true!) that in the next decade they expect to have a "nearly emission free"
plant in operation.  I listened to CEO Michael Morris discuss these issues
on C-Span just the past month.  He was more informed about what the future
will demand to address CO2 emissions than most in the American public.
Morris publicly reinforced what I have been writing about coal power and
China and India... I am not wildly speculating about technology exchange
with China to address CO2 emissions from coal.  As you can read, my thoughts
are in tune to some extent with the CEO of the largest coal oriented
electric company in the USA:


"The issue is global warming, not U.S. warming," said Mike Morris, the chief
executive of American Electric Power of Columbus, Ohio, the largest
coal-burning utility in the country.

Unless China, India and other developing nations also are forced to adopt
costly alternatives to traditional fossil fuels, U.S. manufacturers - a
major customer for AEP - will be at an unfair competitive disadvantage,
Morris said.

More on American Electric Power and coal related CO2 emissions:



Another company pushing to address CO2 emissions is mentioned at the link
below.  Quote below from CEO of this company:


Ron Harper: "Coal is a vital part of our nation's energy security, and the
federal government should undertake an aggressive strategy to mitigate the
risk of a carbon constrained future."

Ted Moffett
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