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Ah, yes...generally the scenario you set up is fine and dandy.  But, Rick Beebe played the sympathy card when he "disclosed" that he had been "tricked into selling" to a group he supposedly did not realize were the true buyers.  AND, if it truly was a sale that was on the up-and-up, why did it go through one buyer before it went to the "real" buyer, that being CC or Dougie?  Why the subterfuges?  And if this "group with money to spend" truly has money to spend, why the scramble for the members to raise more and more by selling and down sizing?  Most buyers would have the sense to have money in pocket before a sale goes through so they don't get caught with their pants around the ankles and nothing to show for it.  Dougie has been on a campaign all over his "kingdom" raising funds and getting people to commit to both the buying of the property across from Gritman for his "cathedral" as well as getting new kirker blood into Moscow and into his new development on N Polk.  And now he wants to change the PUD for THAT property in order to allow for more borders to get into those new houses.

Its only a matter of a year and I can GUARANTEE you that NSA will be requesting the City Council to allow them to expand to over 200 students, the current amount allowed.

And just to clear the air, since you seem to have all the answers - why is it that Rick and his bunch are now fronting the new development in the County?  Last year, the petition was filed by Mike Hoffman.  Why the switch?  Hmmm.......seems like a lot of back-room-fanagaling going on between those two groups.

But, like you said - one group has money and another has property....all this looks innocent to you?

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So what, exactly is there to be unhappy about? A group 
with money to spend and a group with property to sell got together 
and transacted a mutually agreeable business deal. I don't think that it's 
currently necessary to poll the community before finalizing this kind of 
arrangement, at least not yet. With out a change in city governance this 
November it's hard telling what we might end up being subjected to. It's not 
difficult imagining Nancy, queen of the naught and her like minded henchmen 
being only too happy to review private transactions and withhold their stamp of 
approval from anything that doesn't meet their anti growth, anti business, left 
wing agenda.

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Which absolutely proves what I was told earlier this week - 
  Rick Beebe DID know who was buying his property across from Gritman.  He 
  figured if he played the poor fool that was jerked off by Dougie and his 
  bunch, people would look the other way on his other projects.  In other 
  words, he's playing the "sympathy card".  Too bad, Rick - people so know what you did 
  and are NOT happy. 

Wonder if the IRS is aware that you're back to your 
  old tricks?  

J :]

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    [Vision2020] principals of Developers of the Palouse LLC

    The answer is:
    Larry Germer, Richard Beebe, Jeff Eisinger, Karl Tyler, 
    according to records filed with the Idaho Secretary of State 
    (here's the link: http://www.accessidaho.org/public/sos/corp/search.html?ScriptForm.startstep=viewentity&ScriptForm.startScriptForm.start.ScriptStepView.viewentityFILEvalue=W46038 )
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Does anyone know who 
    Developers of the Palouse, LLC is?


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