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Deb, I'm so sorry about Jack Cat.  I lost my precious Finley in February and I still tear up thinking about him.  I know Jack Cat was deeply loved, as is Boris, and I hope Boris' owners are spared the heartache.  


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Breaks my heart. I lost my Jack Cat today--he was 
(contrary to my explicit instructions) too close to the highway. I hope Boris 
has a better outcome. Jack will be buried with honors and catnip planted on his 
Debi R-S

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  An acquaintance informed me today that his cat "Boris" has been missing 
  for about a month.  Boris is a one-year-old unneutered male, grey 
  domestic short hair. He is not wearing a collar or ID tag.  His 
  weight is estimated to be between 12 and 15 pounds.  He is friendly and 
  would probably come if coaxed.  Boris' family recently moved from the 
  corner of D and Jefferson to the corner of First and Polk in Moscow, so he 
  could be anywhere within that vicinity.  
  If you have found him or think you have seen him recently, please contact 
  David at 892-0330.
  M. Mani

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