[Vision2020] Kucinich Introduces Impeachment Articles AgainstCheney

deb debismith at moscow.com
Thu Sep 6 23:18:28 PDT 2007

Yep. As if Pat had done any research, and could have unwittingly entered 
into entertaining a thought that wasn't right wing, let alone her very own 
thoughts, ouch, ouch, stop, stop---oooooo spare me the spasms!!! ADVICE: 
just delete anything from Pat, spare youirself the repeat, and you will feel 
much better in the am, and she likely will fare better as well without your 
response... regurgitation of right wing crap is not fun, and she is impelled 
to do it way too often----that esophogus must be burning----------
Debi R-S

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> On 9/6/07, Pat Kraut <pkraut at moscow.com> wrote:
>> What a colossal waste of time, money and energy...it is not going to 
>> happen
>> and there is no reason why it should. We have some real issues to work on
>> and this is not one of them but it sure helps me know more about who to 
>> vote
>> for this election.
> Pat --
> Don't kid yourself (or us). You already know who you're going to vote
> for this election. Hint: it's the guy with the "R" in front of his
> name.
> -- ACS
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