[Vision2020] Walmart vs. IKEA

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Wed Sep 5 22:33:21 PDT 2007


Crabtree actually read more than two paragraphs!  With regard to the customer service URL, Crabtree neglected to tell us that these are comments about IKEA's internet catalogue orders, not customers at IKEA stores.  Many of the dissatisfied on-line customers love the products and their store experience, but disliked the service they received on-line.  

On-line IKEA customers are obviously not very happy giving an overall rating of 1.5 out of five, but Walmart on-line gets only 3 out of five, with quite a few "horrible service" comments.

Crabtree somehow wants to make a virtue out of Walmart providing minimal health coverage but a vice out of universal health care in Europe and Canada, which provides high quality care far more efficiently than America's private insurance mess.

Recently Toyota chose to build a new factory in Canada rather than in Louisiana for two reasons: (1) the workforce was better educated; and (2) they would not have to provide health care for their workers.  Many, many U.S. companies now regret the post-War policy of having employers provide health care that should have been provided by the government at a far less cost per capita.

I made several more points in my article.  Your score is zero, Crabtree, so do you want to continue the dialouge?

Nick Gier

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