[Vision2020] City of Moscow/University of Idaho: Best Friends!!! Community COnversations Continue Monday, September 10 at noon

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City of Moscow/University of Idaho: Best Friends!!! 
MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10    promptly Noon to 1 PM, No Host Luncheon, Centennial Room University Inn

On September 10, the topic for our continuing conversation is City/University: Best Friends: How can we enhance our conenctions?

With the URA Development in the offing and the development has the prospect of being a truly wonderful place for students, staff, faculty and townspeople to enjoy a completely new level of civic excitement in Moscow. What is essential is the cooperation of the students, faculty and staff to get all the creativity possible into this effort.

I want to explore this option and others facing us to enhance our already good realtions. What about the Paradise Path and its connections with the University? What about public transportation options for students, faculty and staff? How about our present downtown and what it offers? Malls and shopping options: exciting enough? What more can we offer?

I was the chair of the University Communities Caucus of the National League of Cities in 2000-2001. It was a great privilege and honor to be able to talk about the progress we have made here and to give other towns the benefit of our good practices. We learned a lot as well. I believe we have a unique opportunity before us to enhance this connection and be the magnet for students that a residential university campus must be.

Won't you join us from noon to 1 P.M. on Monday, September 10, 2007, in the Centennial Room of the Unviersity Inn Best Western (just behind the Pantry)? It's a no host lunch; no special agenda, other than discussing the topic. I am inviting student leaders, students I know and faculty, administrators, staff and friends who care about our 'best friend' on the hill.

All the best,

Linda Pall
Moscow City Council Member

Questions? Call me: 882-7255.

Put these on your calendar...same time (noon), same place (University Inn)!        October 8: Smart Growth and Sustainability: How Moscow Can Make It Work and Make a Profit Too!
    November 12: A New City Council: What Does the Future Hold for Them and Us?

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