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Both you and J are correct. Whether he is guilty or not is irrelevant. The scandal could cause the seat to be lost. If he does resign, I favor Risch as a replacement

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> Many, and starting with the Republican Leadership, feel that his guilty plea only reinforced the rumors that have been floating around since the late 1960's. Many Republicans and conservatives are not tolerant of the kind of behavior he plead guilty to. Next year is an election year and the Republicans don't want any scandals to hurt them, so they will prompt him to resign. They only have a couple of Senate seats to lose in order to lose the majority of the Senate power.  If they leave him in office now, they stand to lose a seat that they had counted on keeping.  If he steps down and they appoint someone who can win, they keep the seat.  It really comes down to the fact that it isn't as much about Craig as it is the Republicans fearing they would lose a seat.  I hope my ramblings made some sense.  I haven't had my coffee yet.
> J Ford <privatejf32 at hotmail.com> wrote: Ok...I've been listening to this sh*t for about as long as I can and not 
> made a single on-line comment...but today I will.
> Sen. Craig IS NOT CONSIDERING resigning and certainly is not doing so with 
> the idea that he did anything wrong.  The REPUBLICAN PARTY has written a 
> statement that they would like Sen. Craig to sign and then read to the 
> public and then they would like him to go away.  A HUGE part of all this 
> politiking at it's worst.  It has so, so little to do with facts and the 
> "crime" allegedly involved as it does with some that are in power just want 
> Sen. Craig gone.
> I have been in contact with his office (I have known Sen. Craig for over 15 
> years now) and they are totally devastated by this mess as is his family.  
> The Craigs' have been hounded by two newspapers this entire summer to the 
> point of distraction.  Sen. Craig had the misfortune to get into a bathroom 
> where a seemingly rouge cop with a chip on his shoulder and a grudge against 
> the world (you hear in his own statements and his own voice if you listen to 
> the recording) because he was given "a duty that I did not want and was only 
> given to me as a 'punishment' for what the brass thought was bad behavior on 
> my part".  This man obviously was out to get anyone and when he saw the 
> Senator standing outside of his stall for two minutes (while the Senator was 
> waiting for a stall to open up,) he saw his chance to land a big fish and 
> get back into the good graces of his supervisors.  This is a very angry cop.
> Again, listening to the recording you can hear that the COP made the "first 
> move" (if that's what it was) and Mr. Craig's response was that "maybe our 
> feet did touch - I don't recall that they did."
> Also, you hear the cop say that he saw Sen. Craig's "left hand" come under 
> the stall and he knew it to be the left hand because of the "gold ring on 
> (Sen. Craig's) hand."  Ok...figure this out.  Sen. Craig was sitting on the 
> cop's left side, facing in the same direction.  He'd have had to turn his 
> body totally around, which would have put his feet to the side of the toilet 
> and partially under the stall walls, and then he would have had to reach 
> completely under the stall wall in order for that cop to see that ring.  Try 
> it your self - IF Sen. Craig did reach under the stall with just his finger 
> tips (cop's own description of what happened) there is NO WAY the ring is 
> visible.  NO WAY.  At most, the ring would be seen while the cop handcuffed 
> the Senator.
> I have talked to several police officials both in Idaho and in other places 
> and they all say the same things that I have to several of you off list - 
> where is the surveillance equipment that stings like this usually use in 
> order to back up these kind of "operations"?  There was no recorder, no 
> camera, no NOTHING that says what this cop saw Mr. Craig do was what really 
> happened.  Why isn't anyone else asking this?
> Why is everyone so eager to jump on this guy's back and claim "You did it 
> and you damn will know it.  NOW QUIT!"  What happened to presumed innocent 
> until proven otherwise?
> Yes, I do realize and acknowledge that he plead guilty to a MISDEMEANOR 
> charge of disorderly conduct.  Again, you listen to the intimidation and 
> ridicule that cop heaps onto the Senator and you have to understand - he did 
> what he thought would best defuse the situation so his family and his state 
> would not suffer like they are now.  Was it the right thing to do?  No, but 
> how many of us would be willing to admit we have made mistakes (pleading 
> guilty to something he didn't do) and just looked for the easiest way to 
> explain them?  Sen. Craig felt he had no choice...this cop was going to take 
> him to jail "unless (he) doesn't cooperate" with the cop and say things went 
> they way the COP says they did.  Classic intimidation procedure.
> And how about what this Senator has done for the State of Idaho for over the 
> past 30 years?  I mean, IF he did this, we are not talking about him taking 
> advantage of anyone under age, of a weaker status or handicapped.  We are 
> talking about an alleged act of possible solicitation - when did that become 
> a capital crime worthy of this type of reaction and over-reaction?  Why does 
> this one act negate 30 years of dedicated service to this state and its 
> families?
> Get a grip, peeps - this Senator did nothing that warrants this type of 
> out-crying of "Hang'em - hang'em high!"
> And before we all go jumping off another cliff - get the facts.  As far as 
> his Office is concerned - Sen. Craig is NOT considering quitting.  It is the 
> Republican Party that wants him out and has drafted a statement - not Sen. 
> Craig.
> Hell, if a Kennedy had done this, we'd all be saying "Oh well - they's at it 
> again." and let things continue on - business as usual.
> J  :]
> >From: Mark Solomon 
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> >Subject: [Vision2020] Craig may resign
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> >
> >Craig May Resign, Republicans Say
> >
> >Published: August 31, 2007
> >
> >Filed at 9:42 a.m. ET
> >
> >
> >WASHINGTON (AP) -- Idaho Sen. Larry Craig is considering resigning, 
> >Republican officials said Friday, after days of public and private pressure 
> >stemming from his arrest in June in a police undercover operation at an 
> >airport men's room.
> >
> >Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct on Aug. 1, and while he has 
> >since said he did nothing wrong, the episode has roiled the Republican 
> >party and produced numerous calls for him to step down.
> >
> >As a measure of the pressure Craig faces, party officials said a statement 
> >had been drafted at Republican Party headquarters calling for the 
> >third-term senator to resign. It was not issued, these officials said, in 
> >response to concerns that it might complicate quiet efforts under way to 
> >persuade the 62-year-old lawmaker to give up his seat.
> >
> >Any resignation would clear the way for Gov. C.L. ''Butch'' Otter, a 
> >Republican, to name a replacement who would serve until the end of Craig's 
> >current term in 2009. Lt. Gov. James Risch and Rep. Mike Simpson were among 
> >the possible replacements, according to the GOP officials, who spoke on 
> >condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the 
> >matter publicly.
> >
> >Craig has not made any public statements about his case since an appearance 
> >earlier this week in Boise, Idaho, in which he said he had done nothing 
> >wrong. ''I am not gay. I never have been gay,'' he added emphatically.
> >
> >He said any additional comment would be posted on his official Web site, 
> >where the only reference to the incident as of Friday morning was a text of 
> >the statement he read before the television cameras.
> >
> >Craig, 62, served in the House before winning his first Senate term in 
> >1990, and compiled a strongly conservative voting record.
> >
> >He was arrested on June 11 by an undercover police officer in a Minneapolis 
> >airport men's room who said the senator had engaged in conduct ''often used 
> >by persons communicating a desire to engage in sexual conduct.''
> >
> >Minutes after he was arrested for lewd conduct, Craig denied soliciting for 
> >sex, saying ''I'm not gay. I don't do these kinds of things,'' according to 
> >an audio tape released by police on Thursday.
> >
> >He denied that he had used foot and hand gestures to signal interest in a 
> >sexual encounter. The officer, Sgt. Dave Karsnia, accused the three-term 
> >senator of lying and grew exasperated with his denials.
> >
> >''Embarrassing, embarrassing. No wonder why we're going down the tubes,'' 
> >Karsnia said.
> >
> >In the police interview, Craig, 62, never admitted doing anything wrong and 
> >said his actions had been misinterpreted. However, Karsnia wrote in his 
> >report that the gestures were consistent with efforts to find a sexual 
> >partner in the men's room.
> >
> >Craig later pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct, which 
> >he now calls a mistake.
> >
> >More Republicans distanced themselves from Craig on Thursday. Sen. John 
> >Ensign of Nevada, who chairs the GOP's senatorial campaign committee, 
> >stopped short of calling on him to resign but suggested strongly that he 
> >should.
> >
> >''I wouldn't put myself hopefully in that kind of position, but if I was in 
> >a position like that, that's what I would do,'' Ensign told The Associated 
> >Press in his home state. ''He's going to have to answer that for himself.''
> >
> >The party's Senate leadership had previously called for the ethics 
> >committee to investigate, and on Wednesday took the highly unusual measure 
> >of asking him to give up his seniority in committee positions. Craig 
> >complied.
> >
> >On the tape, Craig and the arresting officer can be heard arguing over what 
> >happened in the men's room minutes earlier. Craig acknowledges that the 
> >men's feet bumped but says nothing improper happened.
> >
> >''Did we bump? Yes, I think we did. You said so. I don't disagree with 
> >that,'' Craig said.
> >
> >But Craig disputes the officer's account that he swept his hand under the 
> >stall next to him in an apparent effort to advance the encounter. They even 
> >disagree whether Craig used his right hand or his left hand.
> >
> >Craig said he was merely trying to pick up a piece of paper -- an account 
> >the officer disputes.
> >
> >''I'm telling you that I could see, so I know that's your left hand. Also I 
> >could see a gold ring on this finger, so that's obvious it was the left 
> >hand,'' Karsnia tells Craig.
> >
> >''Well we can dispute that,'' Craig says. ''I'm not going to fight you in 
> >court. I reached down with my right hand to pick up the paper.''
> >
> >Karsnia said in a police report that he recognized Craig's hand gesture as 
> >a signal aimed at initiating sex. ''It should be noted that there was not a 
> >piece of paper on the bathroom floor, nor did Craig pick up a piece of 
> >paper,'' he said in the report.
> >
> >Karsnia, 29, joined the airport police department just out of college in 
> >2000 and was promoted to sergeant in 2005. Last year, he earned a master's 
> >degree in criminal justice, leadership and education.
> >
> >------
> >
> >Associated Press writers Scott Sonner in Reno, Nev., Joshua Freed in 
> >Minneapolis, Todd Dvorak in Idaho and Liz Sidoti in Washington contributed 
> >to this report.
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