[Vision2020] Another reason why Craig is a hypocrite

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Tue Sep 4 02:13:00 PDT 2007

Joe et. al.

While this quote from Craig is laudable, and should be applied from the top
to the bottom for all those in public service, Craig's misconduct in this
case is minor, in my opinion, though there does appear to be a degree of
hypocrisy in the way Craig "lied" to the police officer who witnessed
his "misconduct," assuming the officer was not fabricating details.   I
won't expound further, in part because the Craig scandal is a distraction
from far, far more serious offences and wrongdoing in government, that are
going unpunished and mostly unexplored in mainstream media.

If Craig being forced to resign is justified for his misconduct, we could
make a list of taxpayer supported public servants involved in the Iraq war
and the prosecution of the war on terror, guilty of far, far more grievous
offences, who deserve far more attention and exposure in the media than the
Craig case received, and who certainly should be removed from office.

When are impeachment proceedings going to start against Bush?

Yeah, I know, Nanci Pelosi when assuming speaker of the house said
impeachment is "off the table."  This is incredible!  Of course the
Republican die hard supporters in the US Congress would never let
impeachment go anywhere.  But they should at least try.  At least Kucinich
has went public with his attempts to impeach Cheney

Ted Moffett

On 9/3/07, Joe Campbell <joekc at adelphia.net> wrote:
> Courtesy of Michael Jennings from the Daily News Letters to the Editor
> page, Aug. 29:
> "It follows that the most serious breach of duty in public office - the
> most
> serious threat to the order of society itself - is for the enforcers of
> the law to
> break the law. If our citizens conclude that lawlessness in the highest
> office is
> acceptable, that their elected representatives are complicit in that
> corruption
> then the nation is at risk."
> Craig on impeaching Bill Clinton, Feb. 12, 1999, Congressional Record.
> Apologies if this has already been posted but it is worth repeating
> anyway.
> --
> Joe Campbell
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