[Vision2020] Way to go Idaho Vandals

Debbie Gray graylex at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 3 00:06:14 PDT 2007

Let me preface by saying I REALLY don't like football
BUT I am all about the the underdogs and so I managed
to watch the whole game. The quarterback, Nate
Enderle, was so calm and collected, hard to believe
this was his first college game. I don't know really
know Nate but he helped out with Moscow City Parks and
Rec baseball this summer and he was extremely positive
and nice to all the kids and VERY supportive of each
player. I thought he was great and only found out he
was the quarterback after our team's coach aka my
sports addict husband shared the info. My 9-year old
son was excited to see him on TV and think that the
guy at the baseball games is FAMOUS! Coach Akey and
the rest of the players did a great job and surprised
everyone. And I won 3 dinners because I bet that UI
would get at least one point =)

Debbie Gray (will now go back to generally disliking
football season as a seahawks football widow here!)

--- Carl Westberg <carlwestberg846 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> The Vandals ventured into the L.A. Coliseum, played
> in front of 92,000 
> people against the number 1 team in the country. 
> Every sports pundit in the 
> land predicted a final score of USC 1,645 - Idaho 0.
>  They showed poise and 
> played the USC Trojans tough.  I'll take a 38-10
> loss in a nationally 
> televised game.  Good job.   Carl Westberg Jr.
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