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"In my opinion, Craig's fundamental problem lies not with his sexual orientation, but rather his unwillingness to live his life honestly and openly. Instead of a dignified retirement
after thirty-plus years of public service he will be forced to slither out the back door branded even by his own party as a liar and a hypocrite."--Rose Huskey
  And what an utterly ignorant opinion at that. This statement has two logical flaws in it. 
  1) If Senator Craig was honest about his sexual fetish of sexual interludes with men in restrooms, or even just being gay, he would not be a US Senator. He would not even have made it to be ASUI President in the 1960s. He most likely would have just got his face pounded into the cement, or gone missing like other Gay men in the Red States. 
  2) This argument fails to include the possibility that maybe while Craig engages in homosexual acts, he may still not think his actions are appropriate or proper acts. Most people often fail to live up the expectations of doing what they believe to right all the time, I know I do. Perhaps Craig may believe that what he does in restrooms with other men is not appropriate behavior but an illness or weakness of his. He may also believe, quiet possibly, that what he does with strangers in a restroom is not equal to the sanctity he places on marriage with a woman. Perhaps he believes sexual acts with men is a sin he commits, and the wife and children are the way God wanted him to be. 
  I don't think we can say Craig is gay, or a hypocrite. He may be both, and probably is. But the real reason Craig is forced to resign is because he propositioned someone for homosexual sex--which I think makes it a crime against homosexuals to remove him for that reason. 
  Ms. Huskey seems to believe that the proper thing to do is to let the entire world know what you are sexually interested in and what you like to do. I, and I am sure many others, believe that such things ought to be a private matter between two consenting adults and their faith. 

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