[Vision2020] Queer Senator Resigns: Now we will get a for real Gay and Mexican Hating Senator

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Donovan,  I suspect you're using ugly, inflammatory language to make a point.  That point, though, is utterly lost, and most readers probably agree with me that you are sneering at something that has little to do with Larry Craig, Idaho, or gay rights.

Whatever it is, it's very disturbing.


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Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2007 15:44:14 -0700
From: donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
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Subject: [Vision2020] Queer Senator Resigns: Now we will get a for real Gay	and Mexican Hating Senator

Now that the Queer Hating Right Wing Values Coalition and the Liberals of  Idaho have successfully removed their Queer Senator, we can now rest knowing we will have a real conservative Senator from Idaho again that believes homosexuality really is wrong and will be against any illegal immigration reform. Also having a new freshman senator with no national connections we will give up billions of dollars for Idaho, which we really don't need, from the Northwest Coalition, and the Veterans Affairs Congressional Budget that Senator Queer brought to Idaho.      I know this is what Liberals in Idaho wanted, because we all know less money and no Queer Senators from Idaho is what is best for Idaho. Shooting your foot off to spite your sore toe is always a smart move.     I heard a rumor that Dick Cheney was Gay. Why don't we investigate! Somebody call the Idaho-Statesman, they
 have lots of resources to investigate the sexual orientations of people.      Also, my deep condolences to Check Bouncing Larry LaRocco who now doesn't have a Queer's Chance in Idaho of ever being a Senator because of Craig's resignation and non-reelection bid. If only the Idaho-Statesman would have waited until November 1st of 2008 to crack the news, but then again, why would a queer outing paper want to help out a fellow Liberal?     Best,     Donovan 
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