[Vision2020] Prolific Spammer gets Death Penalty

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 22:35:18 PDT 2007

It's basically a white collar crime, so I would hope for a high monetary 
penalty and a small amount of jail time (relatively speaking).  Spammers 
are antisocial creatures, but they aren't violent and dangerous ones.  
The monetary penalty, though, should be huge.  Their selfish actions 
have had far-reaching effects.  Time out of everyone's day to search 
through junk emails to find the ones they want.  ISPs having to upgrade 
servers and their network infrastructures to accomodate the emails.  PCs 
hijacked and made into members of a botnet.  Not to mention the poor 
saps that pay for the penis enlarging pills and send money to that guy 
in Nigeria.

These guys send out millions or billions of pieces of spam.  They should 
have to pay large sums of money, large enough to make their being caught 
ruin their lives financially.

However, I'd like to see the companies that purchase these services 
fined as well.  The spammers wouldn't be doing it if they weren't being 
paid handsomely for it.  I know that goes against the current idea that 
companies have some kind of right to squeeze every penny they can out of 
everyone they can, ethics be damned, but I'd sure like to see them held 
accountable for this as well.  That and annoying ads that cover the text 
you're trying to read.  I'd also like to see Microsoft nailed for making 
their systems so easy to hack into and be taken control of.  However 
they have really good lawyers on staff.  You basically sign away the 
right to even sneer in their general direction when you accept one of 
their End User License Agreements.

I would like to see a punishment that would fit the crime, though, if 
only for the entertainment value.


Donovan Arnold wrote:
> OK, so maybe not. However, I think Robert Alan Soloway, a prolific 
> spammer they just caught 
> http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=10577224 should 
> get a worse penalty than just some money taken away from him that he 
> made annoying, delaying, and disrupting people and businesses 
> throughout the country.
> What penalty do you think a prolific spammer that sends out millions 
> if not billions of spam emails to people should receive?
> Here is the penalty I would give them;
> We should lock them in a prison with a coded key pad on the lock. 
> Then the guy would receive 5,000 spam emails on a Pentium 2 computer 
> with dial up with the code for the lock hidden somewhere in one of the 
> emails so he had to open them all up everyday until he finally found 
> the code. Of course there would be a new code and new emails everyday. 
> Spending five to ten years endlessly open spam seems like the fitting 
> punishment for a guy who made millions spamming people.
> Best,
> Donovan
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