[Vision2020] Schwaller whiffs again

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Thu May 31 07:05:10 PDT 2007

Earlier Joe Campbell asked Mr. Schwaller "The Swallering Squalor":

"Why won't you meet me in person?"

Well, Mr. "Swallering Squalor" let me quote from another verbose Viz

"I think if you are going to attack someone in public, you need to at least
be willing to meet with them in public in a debate or discussion format,
otherwise you will rightfully earn the term of a yellow-belly."

- Donovan Arnold (October 4, 2006)

How about it, Mr. "Scwaller", you gonna meet with Joe Campbell (Heck.  I
might even show up for this Kodak moment), or are you (as Arnold so
appropriately describes) a "yellow-belly"?

Seeya round town, Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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