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Dan, BSU and Boise are getting tweaked pretty good today.  The newly 
unveiled name for the newly sponsored bowl game in Boise is......and I kid 
you not....are you ready.....drum roll please.....this is true.....the 
Roady's Truck Stops Humanitarian Bowl.   Carl Westberg Jr.

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>Now here's something we can all get on board with.
>I'm up for anything to tweak the nads of BSU
>pardon my french,
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>Did any of you see the "Challenge" in the Magic Valley Times News this
>morning from sports editor Mike Christensen?  He made a challenge to
>Magic Valley residents to vote for their favorite college football team
>and said the fall sports coverage would be centered on the most popular
>teams based upon this vote.  Let's make a real Vandal Nation statement
>with a mass showing of support for our University!!!!
>Please go to www.magicvalley.com/sports to cast your vote.  Please
>forward to other people who may want to cast their vote on our behalf!
>P.S.-You do not have to be a registered subscriber to vote. Let's help
>our Magic Valley friends out and vote for the mighty Vandals! By the
>way, I found out you can vote multiple times.  Just be sure to let your
>fellow Vandals know!
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