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Dr. Weitz is not only correct about the lawsuit because it is stealing from the public, but he is also correct in bring attention to the notion that the School District doesn't want to spend money and resources on the 80% of students that will not be college graduates and will be working a vocational job. Is it fair to spend 80% of the pie on 20% of the kids? I think not. MSD is practicing discrimination. 
  PS. The poor nutritional value of school lunches are another example of poor decisions being made by the public school system to prepare children for a quality life. 

Glenn Schwaller <vpschwaller at gmail.com> wrote:
  MPDN page 7B, Tuesday May 29

Apparently the Whitepine School District has "proposed to increase its
School Lunch Prices by an amount that exceeds 105% of the fee charged
last year. The proposed increase of 25 cents per meal is 9% above the
105% of the fees charged the previous year." Huh??

2006-2007: K-6 $1.75 7-12 $2.25 adult $2.75

2007-2008: K-6 $2.00 7-12 $2.50 adult $3.00

My abacus tells me this reflects a 14.3%, 11.1% and 9.01% increase,
repsectively. So the grade school kids are subsidizing the adult
lunches?? Whoa Vizzies! You were right! When Weitz roars, it's the
kids who'll pay!

But wait! The proposed increase is "9% above the 105% of the PREVIOUS
year". This means the 2005-2006 school lunches were 85 cents, $1.10,
and $1.34 for K-6, 7-12, and adults? So THIS years' lunches exceed
LAST years' lunches by 105%, (holy crap! and you're complaing about
gas price increases??) And NEXT years' lunches will exceed THIS
years' lunches by 9% (or is it 11.1%? or is it 14.3%??) So what's
the "exceeds 105% of the fee charged LAST year"?? Or is it 9% of the
105%, above the 105% of the last year before the previous year??

Was this written by one of the razor sharp legal minds that penned the
current levy language?? Possibly they were educated by a
math teacher who, in the wake of budget cuts, couldn't POSSIBLY be
replaced by a young, over-achieving but mere 1st year teacher?

No, never mind. I'm sure it's all legal and arithmetically correct.
Hey, 14%; 9% - it's all the same eh? Just one of those "minor
nit-picky" discrepancies that happen in these complicated district

Ever spiraling,


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