[Vision2020] Another Way to Honor Moscow's Police Force

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> It would be more of on honor, more respectful, and
> more supportive to not try to capitalize on this
> horrendous experience and twist it to suit one's own
> political or social agendas.
> --This is not the time to debate gun control laws. It
> wouldn't have prevented anything. Jason Hamilton could
> have used homemade car bombs or one tiny envelope full
> of anthrax powder. If someone is bent on mass
> destruction, we can't prevent it.
> --This is not the time to push for a union. Would it
> have made any difference to Officer Lee Newbill or any
> of the other responders if they got paid $20/hr more
> that night? Or if their health insurance benefits were
> stronger? No.
> --This is not the time to blame the prosecutor's
> office, the jury, the judge, the doctors, etc. There
> are hundreds of thousands of people in and out of our
> legal and mental health system every day. Sometimes it
> fails. Those are the things we read about. Most often,
> it works and you don't know about it because psycho
> nut job # 43093902 is locked away never to cause harm.
> --This is not the time, nor will it EVER be the time
> to link this kind of event to Doug Wilson, Christ
> Church or the non-violent criminal Steven Sitler. I
> can't believe the sick, hatred filled minds that dare
> to create a link where there is none.
> --This is not the time to second guess the officers
> involved, their reactions, your neighbor's reaction,
> etc. There is guilt, there is fear, there is joy,
> there is grief, there is panic, there is helplessness,
> there is raw anger. 
> --This is not the time to assume you know anything
> about the shooter, the victims, the officers, the
> dispatchers, the support staff, their families and the
> circumstances involved. Stick with the facts, don't
> spread rumor or speculation.
> --What is it the time to do? Be patient. Wait for
> answers. Be mindful of your actions. Be generous to
> your family, your friends, your neighbors. We are all
> grieving in some way, big or small. Plan your next
> steps. Yes there will be time to lobby for stronger
> domestic violence laws, stronger checks/balances with
> mental health issues and access to guns, higher pay
> for city AND sheriff's officers, funding for top
> quality bullet proof vests that could prevent tragic
> officer deaths, videos in police cars, etc etc etc.
> But please, be respectful of this time when officers
> and co-workers and family members and the entire
> community are still trying to wade through the
> details, mop up the mess, go back to work in a
> dispatch center with bullet holes through their pencil
> holders, bullet holes through their lives... please
> honor them. Don't use them. 
> Respectfully,
> Debbie Gray (wife of LCSO Sergeant Phil Gray)
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