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Thank you, Saundra, for the questions.

Thank you, District Court Clerks, for the files.

Please read the last sentence in the body of the partially imaged document below, particularly the first six words on the last line.  

Do these six words not speak millions?

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> Hi Ellen & Visionaires:
> Ellen, I see from your subsequent post that you got the
> facts-as-currently-reported straightened out.  To me, it seems like the more
> we learn about Jason Hamilton, the more it seems there's plenty of reason to
> be sad & mad as hell about this tragedy.  It is still very early in the
> information process, but already many important questions have arisen.
> While we may never know exactly what precipitated Hamilton's lethal
> explosion Saturday night, there are still questions that *can* be answered
> -- that *must* be answered.
> How is it that a man with quite a history of violent behavior -- and a
> history of irresponsible behavior with guns here -- was given a concealed
> weapons permit?
> Of course, I'm also flabbergasted that a man with such a violent history
> towards women and animals -- classic red flags -- going back at least 15
> years is able to get a federal permit to possess automatic weapons as has
> been reported.  I'm less optimistic that we can fix that broken system, but
> in a small community like this, I'm optimistic we can find the flaws that
> allowed a dangerous Hamilton a concealed weapons permit.
> How does a man with such an extensive violent history get unsupervised
> probation here two different times for separate offenses (one using a gun &
> the using violence against a woman)?  Clearly, Hamilton was a man who had
> earned -- through his own actions -- much closer scrutiny that the courts
> gave him.
> Why wasn't Hamilton questioned about the September 2005 choking incident
> until nearly two months after the crime?  It will be very difficult, it
> seems to me, to convince other victims to speak up unless we address that
> glaring lapse.
> And, why was his 2/5/2005 attack on another woman not even filed until
> almost a *year* later?  Had LCSO known about that violent attack on yet
> another woman, one would hope there would have been a greater sense of
> urgency to question Hamilton about the attempted strangulation.
> For those who aren't already aware, Latah County has made quite a bit of
> information about some of Jason Hamilton's encounters with local law
> enforcement available via the County Web site:
> http://www.latah.id.us/index.htm
> Kudos to the district court clerk staff for being able to make the time
> amidst their grief and being inundated by the press to get the stuff scanned
> and up!
> One final point I want to make:  Jason Hamilton alone is responsible for the
> horror he visited upon our community.  From what I've read, I think the
> issue is less one of mental illness than of having a dangerous sociopath in
> our midst.  Regardless of the final analysis, if there are things that this
> senseless tragedy has shown us we can do better, I hope we make learn the
> lesson.
> Saundra Lund
> Moscow, ID
> The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do
> nothing.
> - Edmund Burke
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> The horrible shock of what happened the other night hasn't had a chance to
> wear off and now I find myself dealing with yet another emotion. . . I'm mad
> as hell.
> While awaiting trial on attempted murder, he was arrested for injury to
> another woman?  And they still went ahead with a plea bargain on the first
> charge and dropped the second? 
> Why?  Shouldn't we all be asking, WHY?
> Why was he allowed to plead guilty, under oath, in a court of law, to a
> fairy tale that was fabricated for him by suits behind a desk?
> He was a walking timebomb that was set loose on a community. . . and he went
> off.
> Ellen A. Roskovich 
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