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Wed May 23 10:38:30 PDT 2007

It is perfectly normal that you are feeling angry.  Anger most often follows grief.  The "Why's" are always difficult and complex when it deals with grief. Let your anger be followed by a positive action, helping others somehow.  I know this sounds really new age -feel good kind of stuff and that just isn't me.  But I have seen this over and over, including experiencing it first hand myself, and it works.  I went through this when my dad died and it took me a while to grieve. Once I was done grieving I was an angry person.  I had to divert my anger into a positive direction in order to stop being angry.  I don't know if any of that makes any sense, but I hope it does.

Moscow has had a lot of bad things happen this year so far.  First John Dickinson, then Delling, and now this.  We can only hope that it is over and that the remainder of the year will be good for Moscow.  They say bad things happen in 3's.  I hope the saying is right.  We can all play a part in positive actions if we choose. By positive, I mean anything that isn't divisive or destructive, but instead actions that help others or unite. But it is up to us individually.  

My dad used to say, "take care of yourself first, your family, and then others".  He meant it in a spiritual context as he was a minister, but I believe it is also good advice for most areas of our lives (physically, emotionally, and financially). 

Hang in there -Tom

Ellen Roskovich <gussie443 at hotmail.com> wrote: The horrible shock of what happened the other night hasn't had a chance to wear off and now I find myself dealing with yet another emotion. . . I'm mad as hell.
 While awaiting trial on attempted murder, he was arrested for injury to another woman?  And they still went ahead with a plea bargain on the first charge and dropped the second? 
 Why?  Shouldn't we all be asking, WHY?
 Why was he allowed to plead guilty, under oath, in a court of law, to a fairy tale that was fabricated for him by suits behind a desk?
 He was a walking timebomb that was set loose on a community. . . and he went off.
 Ellen A. Roskovich 

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