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Ellen, Keely, et al,

Here is one part of many in dealing with domestic violence:

Often the abuser in a domestic violence is the person who provides the family income.  If the abuser is sent to jail, then the family suffers the lost income during the provider's incarceration.  If the abuser is only fined, that too takes much needed family income.  Sometimes going to jail leads to the provider's/abuser's losing their job which has two effects: (1) long-term loss of family income and (2) increased resentment and hostility, which increases the probability of further violence.

The abused, even if they have the will, find it difficult to leave a relationship where they are economically dependent upon the abuser.  The more children in the family, the more difficult for the abused to leave this kind of situation.

I think that there are possible solutions, but it is a hard very difficult problem to solve.  Perhaps Andreas can outline the strategies the organization he works for uses to deal with this aspect of the problem.

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Everyone:  We all need to take a long, hard look at domestic violence.  After the tragic events of this past weekend I think most of us realize we either know, work with, have a friend or family member who is, in some way, a victim of abuse.  

I thank Keely for opening the door to dialogue. . . we need to discuss this openly.

I personally know how frustrating it is to have someone you care about abused over and over again.

You reach out. . . the door is slammed in your face.  A wall of denial is built higher and higher.  You try to keep communication open.  There's promises made. . . and broken. So many times you finally lose count.   

What is a person to do?

Ellen Roskovich


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