[Vision2020] Grief, condolences, hopes, prayers......

Sue Hovey suehovey at moscow.com
Sun May 20 14:44:04 PDT 2007

We never know, do we, when we will be called on to put aside those issues 
which divide us and seek healing for ourselves, our community and the 
families who have been so tragically harmed.

It reminds us to be grateful for what we have and to mourn together what we 
have lost.  I think Moscow will never be the same.  This is the day which 
all of us who live here will always remember as a defining and tragic 

My heartfelt condolences to the members of the Police Force who have lost an 
honored member, the Newbill family who has lost a loved one; and to the 
other members of the hospital community and the civic community my gratitude 
for the response meant to heal the wounded and protect the rest of us.

And thank you Ghazi, for the beautiful words.

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> My Dear Community:
> Our daughter called from Atlanta this morning around 6.00a.m., and said,
> "Dad, do you know what is happening in our Moscow?" Her words were
> frightening; the rest is horrendous news for our town.
> I have personally known several of our local Police Force. Having lived
> here and loved this community for decades, this is by far the most
> tragic event that I can recall. When
> some suffer, we all suffer; and when some die, part of us dies....and we
> agonize as to why......
> Our grief is enormous......heartfelt condolences to the family of the
> bereaved, brave Lew Newbill...and our most sincere good wishes, hopes,
> and prayers for the recovery of Officer Brannon Johnson.
> Let's also sincerely hope that a tragic event such as this can encourage
> all of us to think in terms of community harmony and to be genuinely
> more tolerant and accepting of others.....
> Ghazi family
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