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Good heavens, Mr. Schwaller.  You reveal here that you know as little about MSD as you apparently do of the disingenuous machinations of Doug Wilson.  I know something of both; in this case, I can corroborate Mr. Weitz' petulance, short-notice calls to duty, and ranting threats to administrators.  Would you care to elaborate on, say, the history of Polish marching bands?  Current research on chocolate souffles and their chemical compositions?  Maybe, ohhhhh, how one can be so quick to side with Wilson and against public schools and still feign incredulity that anyone might think he's a Kirker?  Mind you, it's not illegal to be one.  But true men of chest are proud of their ecclesiastical affiliations and Reconstructionist-informed Libertarianism.  Why not come around full circle????keely> Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 17:05:38 -0700> From: vpschwaller at gmail.com> To: vision2020 at moscow.com> Subject: Re: [Vision2020] A Lack of Empathy> > "When students ask new teachers if the Gerald Weitz lawsuit means they are>  losing their jobs, how should they respond?"> > I'm not sure in all cases. but I suppose one might say "Well, I'm not> sure.  But considering my stellar performance as a student and student> teacher, and my tremendous impact over the past XXX years, and the> fact MSD just won't get rid of under performing tenured staff> (teachers and administrators), I probably will lose my job."> > ". . .he has already won the critical first round inflicting> punishment not only on those who dared to disobey . . ."> > such as a school district that perhaps chose NOT to be compliant with> state law.> > ". . .but on the children they teach. "> >  teaching said children that "It's OK to be dishonest and violate laws> if the intentions are good."> >  "the threat he made to a district employee to take this district down."> > I assume this is in reference to Representative Ringo's letter to the> editor in which she cites an unnamed source stating that some unnamed> administrator jotted all this down verbatim.  Who knows - maybe> nothing was lost, changed, or embellished upon in this story.  Who> knows?> >  "I really do not understand your complete lack of empathy for their plight."> > Oh I do empathize with them.  I believe a vast majority of people> empathize with them.  I really do not understand why these teachers> are not mad as hell with the district for putting their heads in the> noose, then point their fingers at the guy who blew the whistle and> say "It's THAT bad man's fault."> > As Mr Herodotus states:> > "And because he has no capacity for human emotion, and because he> cares only about himself, and because he uses people and throws them> away, he is called A MAN OF CONSTANT SCHWALLER."> > Maybe this is a District of Constant Schwaller> > Consistently yours> > Schwaller> > > > On 5/18/07, Tom Hansen <thansen at moscow.com> wrote:> > >From today's (May 18, 2007) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with thanks to Sue> > Hovey -> >> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------> >> > A lack of empathy> >> > To John Neff, et. al.> >> > When students ask new teachers if the Gerald Weitz lawsuit means they are> > losing their jobs, how should they respond (Opinion, May 10)? How do they> > demonize him when they tell the truth? All supplies teachers need until> > school is out must be purchased from their own personal funds. How, then, do> > their words of frustration vilify Weitz? He is, after all, the source of the> > problem.> >> > The teachers being released won't be here next year even if this mess is> > settled in 30 days. Why? Because they can't afford to sit around to see what> > happens, and they won't have to. Good teachers can always get jobs. Then> > when the lawsuit is settled in the district's favor, as I believe it will> > be, Moscow will be scrounging for bodies who haven't already been hired to> > fill those vacancies. And that assumes a settlement before September. After> > that, who knows?> >> > Weitz says he is doing this for kids. Yeah, right.> >> > Those who know Weitz never underestimate his will to control at any cost,> > his cunning, and his enormous driving ego. He knows exactly what he is> > doing. He even appears willing to destroy the programs he claims to support> > if that's part of the cost.> >> > Weitz knows it really doesn't matter whether he wins the lawsuit or not; I> > suspect he may not even care that much, for by filing it he has already won> > the critical first round inflicting punishment not only on those who dared> > to disobey, but on the children they teach. He's validating the threat he> > made to a district employee to take this district down.> >> > Teachers must be careful when they deal with emotional issues, but given the> > circumstances, I really do not understand your complete lack of empathy for> > their plight.> >> > Sue Hovey, Moscow> >> > ---------------------------------------------------------------------> >> > Seeya round town, Moscow.> >> > Tom Hansen> > Moscow, Idaho> >> > **************************************************************> >> > "A bad cause will ever be supported by bad means and bad men."> >> > - Thomas Paine (English Writer, 1737-1809)> >> > **************************************************************> >> >> > =======================================================> >  List services made available by First Step Internet,> >  serving the communities of the Palouse since 1994.> >                http://www.fsr.net> >           mailto:Vision2020 at moscow.com> > =======================================================> >> > =======================================================>  List services made available by First Step Internet, >  serving the communities of the Palouse since 1994.   >                http://www.fsr.net                       >           mailto:Vision2020 at moscow.com> =======================================================
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