[Vision2020] A Man of Constant Schwaller

Bob Herodotus bherodotus at yahoo.com
Fri May 18 14:19:03 PDT 2007

Dear Mr. Schwaller,

I want to give you incentive to overcome your “I’m not Doug Wilson, but I act just like him” syndrome, by relating another story that hopefully will put all the pieces together for you.

You will recall my narrative about how Douglas Wilson stormed off of this list in a huff after he completely humiliated himself. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end there. You see, during the whole “It’s Not About Slavery” thing, Wilson took personal offense at public statements issued by three members of the University of Idaho’s faculty and administration. Mind you, he had no cause for offense. Nevertheless, he threw a number of temper tantrums (not unlike your recent outburst), and he demanded apologies from the three men at UI, much the same way that you recently insisted upon apologies.

However, in addition to this, he also utilized members of his church, in a well-coordinated public-relations blitz, to heap constant verbal abuse upon the three men, and Vision 2020 became the primary venue for Wilson and his pet monkeys to rail. Presumably he thought this a wise peace-making strategy. But whatever he thought, I have never witnessed such vicious personal attacks in my life.

Well, time rolled on and Wilson’s efforts at reconciliation only produced more strife in the community and they utterly failed to induce the much-desired apologies. But he wanted satisfaction, so he wrote a letter to the governor of the State of Idaho asking him to compel the three men to apologize, and a couple of weeks later while the governor visited Moscow, a reporter asked him what he intended to do about Wilson’s letter, which brings us to the punch line. The governor replied, “Douglas who?”

No joke. I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants. Of the million different things that any of us could ask Boise to address, Douglas Wilson thought so much of himself that he begged the state governor to make three men say, “I’m sorry.” But his plea never landed on the governor’s desk; his staff deemed it too unimportant to waste the boss’ time (or else some mail clerk round-filed it thinking it was a Trinitarian prank). Can you imagine Wilson’s humiliation? If he had any sense he would have gone home and stuck his head in the oven. But he didn’t, and that’s not my point.

My point is that while Pastor Douglas Wilson exhausted all of his church’s energy demanding apologies from the Daily News, the Spokesman Review, The Idaho Statesman, the AP, Governor Kempthorn, etc.; and while his army of goons went forth to harass and intimidate the local community, the unthinkable took place inside Kirk homes. Steven Sitler raped Kirk children. And nobody knew it.

Pastor Wilson had them all consumed with his hate-filled agenda. They wrote letters to the editor; they made sport on hatesplotch.net; they flooded Vision 2020 with malicious emails. They had only one cause: IT WAS ALL ABOUT DOUG.

And it’s still ALL ABOUT DOUG. Steven Sitler’s abominations have changed nothing. Even now, as some of them read this, they are grinding their teeth, scheming ideas to exact retribution against me. This is because Douglas Wilson has trained his followers to think one dimensionally; they have only one purpose that brings meaning to their lives: IT’S ALL ABOUT DOUG. Pastor Wilson welcomed a serial pedophile back into the fold (without ever warning them of predation), and the Kirk families don’t care one whit, because they have learned IT’S ALL ABOUT DOUG.

So you see, Mr. Schwaller, it really isn’t worth it. Don’t give your life to this hopeless cause. You will lose the rest of your days pursuing empty apologies for non-existent offenses to satisfy an unfeeling man whose only interests reside in his bloated ego. He will waste your soul the same way Sitler violated those dear children.

And because he has no capacity for human emotion, and because he cares only about himself, and because he uses people and throws them away, he is called A MAN OF CONSTANT SCHWALLER.


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