[Vision2020] The Schwaller Returned to Capistrano

Bob Herodotus bherodotus at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 20:21:28 PDT 2007

Welcome back, Mr. Schwaller,

I have many things to say to you, but I fear each one may provoke another temporary “I am not Doug Wilson, I just act like him,” lapse of reason on your part; so I shall limit myself to three points and proceed delicately.

First, I note your “I am not Doug Wilson; I just act like him” syndrome because whenever called to account for his obvious failures, Doug Wilson invariably throws a fit and begins accusing everyone right and left of wrongdoing. It is really quite a remarkable phenomenon to behold. The man is like one of Pavlov’s dogs with a bad case of rabies; instead of salivating when he hears the bell, he froths at the mouth, shows his teeth, and growls. Thankfully, 2020 has witnessed few of his outbursts for some time; few, that is, until yesterday when you reacted to my post right on queue. So I encourage you to deal with your obvious bitterness before it spreads out of control.

Second, I note that you apologized to me for “venting” when you should have apologized to the entire listserv for your rude, “venomous” little fit. Your behavior was completely inappropriate and not conducive toward civil dialogue. Admittedly, we have a local church in town that encourages petulance such as yours; however, this listserv is for the most part dedicated to reasonable exchanges, with perhaps a few exceptions. So I encourage you to apologize to the entire list, which you specifically named during your fit of rage, so that no one will think you a hypocrite. After all, you demanded that Messieurs Fox and Hansen apologize to the whole bulletin board for statements that you deemed offensive; how much more should you have to apologize for your reckless, unqualified statements, which essentially blasted every one in the forum?

Third, I note that you tagged your tirade with John 8:7 and I confess that you appear somewhat confused, because YOU were the one throwing stones yesterday. Please remove the rock pile that covers your post and reread it. Then apologize to the list for twisting Scripture during your “I am not Doug Wilson; I just act like him,” panic attack.

Well, as I said, I have many things to say but you have convinced me that you’re too immature to hear them all at once; perhaps tomorrow, after you have apologized, we may pick up where we left off and you can tell us by what standard you attribute “some modicum of sincerity” to an apology delivered by the psychopath Sitler? and by what standard do you ask Messieurs Fox and Hansen to apologize?

After that, maybe you will be kind enough to engage the arguments I advanced in my post yesterday, which sent you over the edge into your “I am not Doug Wilson; I just act like him” eruption.

Thank you,


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