[Vision2020] Quick, grab the butterfly net!

Saundra Lund sslund at roadrunner.com
Thu May 17 09:29:27 PDT 2007

Hi Ellen & Other Visionaires:

LOL -- well, I think they are real, they just aren't writing using their own
names.  And, it's a pity, too, for me because each has said things I'd like
to respond to or to ask more about or to debate with.

But, I have a personal policy of *not* engaging in dialogue with those who
post using pseudonyms (circa those wretches Faul Ottomaticks & stigmatta x),
no matter how tempting.

And these two latest mystery posters have been mighty tempting!

Saundra Lund
Moscow, ID

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do
- Edmund Burke

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No one really believes that Herodotus and Schwaller are real, do they?  Of
course I realize that there's some boring person behind the masquerade, but
it's the same boring person writing back and forth to themselves.  That's
really scary stuff and I think the guys in white jackets and butterfly nets
have a name for that kind of behavior.
Ellen Roskovich


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