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Going east from Moscow where the Latah Trail (pavement) ends, just keep
going east across Wallen Road and continue about .7 miles to Howell Road.
Continue for another 1.1 miles on either Howell Road or the graveled old
railroad bed to another paved trail section near Howell Road.  From there it
is about 1.9 miles to the Troy City Park, all paved.  The last paved section
from Howell Road to Troy is the most beautiful section of the Latah Trail.
Hopefully, that last unpaved section will be paved soon.  I hope you enjoy!


B. J. Swanson



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Does anyone know of any side/back roads that continue into Troy from the
point where the Latah Trail currently ends three miles from Troy?  Also,
there is a trail leaving Troy from the baseball park at the entrance to
Troy.  Does anyone know where that goes?


Miel Mani



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