[Vision2020] [Vision 2020] Weitz lawsuit: A Challenge

Brent Bradberry brentbradberry at clearwire.net
Sun May 13 15:22:35 PDT 2007

Thank you to B. J. Swanson and Bruce Livingston for their thoughtful and 
constructive comments. After much consideration, I believe that Mr. 
Livingston has voiced my own thoughts, although much more eloquently and 
completely than I could.

I am an optimist, and believe that the MSD's actions will be vindicated 
in court. However, damage has already been done, and planning for been 
disrupted, particularly regarding staffing for next year. I certainly 
hope for a speedy resolution - but the legal issue(s) seem to me (very 
much a non-expert) to be esoteric. Does this mean that we can expect a 
lengthy court process and appeals? Does anyone have any prediction as to 
how long the process might go on, and what the impact might be if MSD 
"wins", but only after a long period of uncertainty?

Brent Bradberry

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