[Vision2020] Weitz Lawsuit: A Challenge

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Gary and Tom,


Good points.  


A lawsuit by someone else is a possibility.  That would be the purpose of
asking the Idaho State Tax Commission and Idaho Attorney General for
opinions.  It would seem this might greatly lessen the chance of an
additional lawsuit or make it very difficult to prevail.  I'm not sure what
the 40 day appeal time limit might have to do with filing an additional suit


My thoughts on a mediator would be one of the retired judges, perhaps Ron
Schilling or George Reinhardt, because of the legal twists of the
controversy; a neutral legal mind.


I did send my original idea to both Gerald Weitz and Candice Donicht.  It
appears Gerald received it.  Candice's email is set to block all Vision 2020
items.  I tried to resend it to her from my personal email with no mention
of Vision 2020, but it was also blocked.  I will send it to her via US
Postal Service on Monday.  The school district superintendent blocking
emails from individuals is a concern.  It goes back to the plea to


B. J. Swanson



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I'm not sure I understand the concept of mediation. Assume that MSD and Dr.
Weitz reach some understanding through this process. Without a determination
by the courts as to the legality of the previous levy's, what would stop
another concerned party from taking the matter up where Weitz leaves off? 



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How about using Palouse Center for Conflict Management, Inc. to facilitate
it, they do mediation. 

The Center is at 906 N. Almon Street, Suite A. More information may be found
on the website at http://www.geocities.com/pccmdrc/ or by calling 882-2352.
pccmdrc at yahoo.com

"B. J. Swanson" <bjswan at moscow.com> wrote:

Dr. Donicht, Dr. Weitz, Visionaries,


I'd like to propose a school project.  The project will be to settle the
Weitz lawsuit within the next 60 days.  The outcome to be:


*         Doing what's right 

*         Doing what's best for public education in Moscow 

*         Doing what's best for all of Moscow 

*         Settle this dispute in the most expeditious and least expensive
way possible


Keeping these points in mind, arrange a face to face meeting (mediation)
between Candice Donicht and Gerald Weitz with some ground rules:


*         No attorneys allowed 

*         A neutral facilitator will be present to allow equal time for each
side, enforce respectful behavior and keep both sides focused on the project

*         Both sides agree to listen and park egos and arrogance at the
door; no grandstanding 

*         Commit to work toward a solution


>From this meeting, there will probably be clarification needed.  Fighting it
out in court could take years, cost many thousands of dollars and be very
devastating to the school system, children and Moscow as a whole.  Instead,
come up with a list of written points.  Ask the Idaho State Tax Commission
and the Idaho Attorney General to issue an opinion on the points.  Agree to
abide by their findings.


Possible outcomes could be:


*         All of the levies are valid 

o        The levies in question were all approved by a majority of voters 

o        The levies will stand and no further action needs to be taken


*         The levies were not legal and will be rolled back 

o        The school district should immediately propose a legally worded
levy and ask the voters to approve at the next possible school election date


It is very unfortunate that this issue has risen to this level.  It is
embarrassing to Moscow and certainly sends the wrong message to anyone
wanting to live or establish a business in our community.  It hurts to hear
others say Moscow is anti-business.  Now they can say we are anti-education


Moscow is a great place.  In Boise you will hear that if Moscow could
convert brain-power to electricity, there would never be an energy problem
here.  However, brain-power obviously didn't convert to doing the right
thing, being respected leaders and responsible adults with the best interest
of the community in mind.  Bullying, failing to communicate, sticking heads
in the sand when threatened just leads to disaster.  This is not being good
role models for the children you claim to be protecting.  


Can we do the right thing, fix this now, learn from our mistakes and move


B. J. Swanson





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