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Fri May 11 18:22:02 PDT 2007

  Very interesting. You do make me question the rational behind a voting age. I wonder why it is that juveniles are not allowed to vote and you are. 
  Maybe they should have a person's IQ number placed on their driver's license. If it doesn't reach at least 85, or at least one standard deviation from the norm, they have to wait until they test higher on the WAIS-III. Come to think of it, in retrospect, maybe they should add that requirement to the candidates as well for double padded protection. 

Tom Hansen <thansen at moscow.com> wrote:
        st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) }                Since Arnold is so deeply concerned about disenfranchised voters, I have an idea.
  It is really quite simple.  Everybody votes.  That’s right.  EVERYBODY.  Let’s eliminate voter qualifications altogether.  Illegal, shmillegal.
  I’ll even take it another step further, a giant step, a step that will even appease Christian fundamentalists, since this step addresses those potential voters that have, for so long, gone without representation.
  We should lower the voting age to “moment of conception”.  No.  No.  Listen up, constituents.  The expected mother will be able to vote on behalf of the fetus “by proxy” until the day of delivery, at which time the new born baby will register not only as a male or female, but as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent (whatever party the mother desires).  For demographic reasons, and while the newly born child is a resident of a politically recognized maternity ward, the baby will be issued a blanket whose color will reflect the baby’s party affiliation (red for Republicans, blue for Democrats, and green for Independents).  
  I know what you’re thinking, Visionaires.  You’re thinking, “Jeesh, Tom!  That sounds absolutely stupid and ignorant.”  
  Yes.  To you it may, very well, sound stupid and ignorant.  That’s because you are an adult.  You probably don’t, or can’t, recall what it was like those first few hours in the maternity ward, those pre-kindergarten day-care years, that first day in the sandbox with other five-year-olds, each child quietly (yet playfully) contemplating their socio-economic future.
  I say, “Give them the vote!”
  Not only that, but the political ramifications of lowering the voting age to “moment of conception” would be far reaching and socially empowering.
  Once the voting age is lowered, and . . . say, for instance, the Republicans realize that the demographics of New York’s inner city reflect an ever-increasing Democrat contingency, they can pursue a larger representation in that region by simply conceiving more and more Republicans in New York’s inner city.  Can you imagine the exponential increase in Republican constituents in October of 2008 (one month before election day) after the Yankees win the World, George Steinbrenner is appointed Mayor-for-Life, and the new Victoria’s Secrets catalog hits the newsstands?
  And on election day, the multitude of wide-ranging analyses may be expanded to include “fetus electorate demographics”, CNN reporting live from Maternity Election Headquarters at Gritman Medical Center as they count the number of red and blue blankets.
  And then there are those fun fund-raisers.
  Seeya round town, Moscow.
  Tom Hansen
  Moscow, Idaho
  "I think one of the best ways to support education is to make successful private schools like Logos prosper through tax exemption."

- Donovan Arnold (July 11, 2005) 

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