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Personally, I like this one better:
  I think the video that Hansen has linked to is good, and I am sure that for that young man, all those things are accurate for him. However, Aspergers is not the same for everyone and it is a spectrum, meaning different people have it to different degrees in different areas, like a scale 1-10. I don't think Asperger's is half and half. If you were half autistic you would not be labeled with Aspergers, but as High Functioning Autistic. 
  One thing I do like about the 16 year-old's video is how he stressed people just think he made up the problem and don't believe he really has it or uses it to make excuses. I don't know of a single person with Asperger's that hasn't been told that at least 50 times. I know others with it that pretty much try to ignore that they have it too. 

Tom Hansen <thansen at moscow.com> wrote:
  The video (linked below) was put together by a young boy (16 years of age)
who has Aspergers.

His quote:
"This Video helps you understand the mind of an Autistic person (I have
Aspergers) I show you how I behave through the way I learn by using cartoon
pictures I drew on paints."

"In My Mind"

I would appreciate constructive thoughts concerning this video.


Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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