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Mr. Schwaller - 


I wasn't accusing or suggesting that you were offering excuses.  I was
simply demanding accountability. 


The eight-day requirement seems absolutely irresponsible.  I would want ALL
sex offenders registered PRIOR to release.  This way, if for some
bureaucratic red-tape reason the sex offender's registration is delayed, at
least we will know where (s)he is. 


Until that discrepency is corrected, we will have to live with this
eight-day "window".  Sitler's eight days (according to my calendar) expires
on Saturday (unless for another irresponsible reason the Registry takes
weekends off). 


My reference to "when bars close" was basic sarcasm, intended to draw
attention to the level of supervision being maintained by those in
authority, nothing else. 


Concerning your implication that I am restricting my attention to members of
Christ Church, isn't that a bit insignificant when the subject of our
concerns is a Level 3 sex offender. 


Just for your general edification, within the not-too-distant past I had
shown equal attention to a local pastor who had been extradited to
California to face child sexual abuse charges.  I would have monitored it as
closely as I do Sitler.  However, that was not necessary as the
Moscow-Pullman Daily News published regular updates, beginning with:


>From the October 5, 2006 edition of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News -




Moscow pastor arrested on California warrant alleging sexual abuse of a


Staff report


Thursday, October 5, 2006 - Page Updated at 12:00:00 AM


Moscow police arrested New Hope Baptist Church Pastor William Alan Malgren
on Wednesday after California authorities issued an arrest warrant that
alleged sexual abuse of a child.


Ventura County, Calif., sheriff's investigators said the alleged abuse
occurred between 1983 and 1989 in California, according to a prepared
statement from the Thousand Oaks Police Department. The alleged victim was a
student at Thousand Oaks Baptist School while Malgren was pastor of Thousand
Oaks Baptist Church.


According to the statement, the alleged abuse began at the school when the
victim was 7 years old and continued until she was 14.


Malgren, 52, is being held in lieu of $1 million bail on two counts of oral
copulation of a child and one count of continuous sexual abuse of a child,
according to the Thousand Oaks Police Department statement.


Malgren resigned as pastor of the Thousand Oaks Baptist Church in 1989 and
has since been involved with churches in Washington, Iowa and Idaho,
according to the statement.


Moscow Assistant Police Chief David Duke said his department received
information from the Ventura County Sheriff's Office that no acts of sexual
abuse have been disclosed by Malgren since he moved to Moscow five years


Malgren's family declined comment this morning, and phone calls to New Hope
Baptist Church were not answered.


Latah County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Thompson said Malgren waived his
extradition hearing. Duke said Malgren was scheduled to be flown to
California today.




Now, if the Moscow-Pullman Daily News had shown as much interest in a Level
3 sex offender being released in our own community last Friday as they did
toward a local pastor being extradited to California last October, my
attention would be more focused on warmer, fuzzier topics like school levy


Seeya round town, Moscow.


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho


"Uh, how about a 1-strike law. Death doesn't seem too extreme for a Level-3
sex offender."

- Dale "Comb-Over" Courtney (August 3, 2005)


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Tom et al.

I wasn't offering any excuses - I intended to state only what I did or did
not know.  Here is the information I have from Idaho code Title 18-8307

The written notification shall be a form provided by the department 
and approved by the attorney general and shall be signed by the defendant.
court shall retain one (1) copy, provide one (1) copy to the offender, and
submit one (1) copy to the central registry within three (3) working days of


(c)  Within five (5) days of the mailing date of the notice, the offender
    shall appear in person at the office of the sheriff with jurisdiction
    the purpose of completing the registration process; 

So I guess Mr Sitler has 8 days to comply - don't know how weekends fit into
that scheduling.

As far as other concerns:

"1)  Does Sitler's employment entail customer service/interaction?"     

I don't know.  P&P would.

"2)  Does Sitler's employment place him within proximity of children?"  

I don't know.  Since his employer knows of his offense and has been
contacted by P&P, one would hope this would be monitored.  There may be
strict limits on what distance "proximity" is, and any violation of this
would be a violation of his probation.  This could result in the judge
imposing the original sentence (life in prison). 

"3)  Is Sitler's employment (in any way, shape, form, or fashion) affiliated
with child day care?"   

Highly unlikely: it is a felony as provided in section 18-8327, Idaho Code,
for an offender to accept employment in any day care center, group day care
facility or family day care home, as those terms are defined in chapter 11,
title 39, Idaho Code, or to be upon or to remain on the premises 
of a day care center, group day care facility or family day care home while
children are present, other than to drop off or  pick up the offender's
child or children.

"Is this supervision being maintained 24/7 or only until the bars close?" 

I'm not sure what the "until the bars close" comment is meant to convey.
Are you asking if P&P officers are on the clock until the bars close?  Are
you asking if it is "safe" outside until the bars close and Mr Sitler leaves
one?  I don't know all the details of Mr Sitler's probation, but going to a
bar is most assuredly NOT an option for him.  If the tomandrodna site is
yours, you might check your own posting on Mr Sitler's crime and read the
probation documents. 

As part of his probation, Mr Sitler will be required to take polygraph tests
as part of his treatment program, and quite possible for the duration of his
probation.  A "distressed" polygraph will result in an investigation by P&P
which could lead to a probation violation and and imposing of the original

I think we are all concerned.  I think we all need to ask questions, and get
as many answers as possible.  I think we need to be concerned about 1) ALL
the predatory sex offenders in our community and not 2) only those
affiliated with Christ Church.  One strikes of caution and concern; the
other of persecution. 


"Be concerned.  Be very concerned"
     (with more apologies to Veronica Quaife) 


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