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  Are you saying that the school district would not cut the goodies, but instead the core curriculum if their funding was reduced to a some what normal affordable size? Seems like you are saying our MSD administrators really don't know how to prioritize their budget. 
  One of the leading reasons families don't come to Moscow is because the property taxes are too high, there are no jobs, and the cost of housing is unreasonable for local wage earnings. If a Moscow or Latah resident wanted an excellent education they would be better off to enroll their child at St. Mary's. 
  FYI, the 1992 funding was to put up an electronic bulletin board to announce sporting events and the connection between the Annex and the kitchen. Then they turned around and increased the lunch and food prices. Their priorities seem to have been rather backwards, even back then. 

Tom Hansen <thansen at moscow.com> wrote:
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  The levy that was voted on and passed by the voters of Moscow is not intended to purchase “extra goodies for the kids”.  Since the last levy failed (you remember it, don’t’ you?), the sole purpose of this (recently passed) levy is to provide sufficient funds as to maintain what the MSD already has.  It serves as a catalyst (of sorts) against the effects of inflation (over the past fifteen years) that were not taken into consideration when the bond passed in 1992.
  Without this levy and/or funds appropriated by the 1992 bond, MSD will be forced to make cuts that will not only adversely impact the classrooms, but our community as well.
  One major “drawing card” that attracts people/families to move to a community is the quality of available education at the K-12 level.  I am certain that those of us who truly believe in community growth understand this basic principle.
  Seeya round town, Moscow.
  Tom Hansen
  Moscow, Idaho
      "I think one of the best ways to support education is to make successful private schools like Logos prosper through tax exemption."

- Donovan Arnold (July 11, 2005)

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    Tom Ivie,


    What is more important, extra goodies for kids, or teaching them that stealing is wrong?


    You know, it is the MSD that has strapped the Latah Taxpayer to the breaking point. They are the reason that Latah Health Services shut down and why the county could not afford to continue and has turned their backs on the elderly and those most in need. Many elderly in our community, for lack of money, have been forced to leave the county and die away from their families in a foreign county or building as a result. The sin doesn't stop there. Many of the people that worked at LHS for 10, 20, and nearly 30 years do not get one dime in retirement pay. Imagine if that happened to you? It is an abomination to humanity in my view point. 


    I agree that the school buildings need help. I agree that teachers should start off at more than $31K a year and get merit based pay. But it isn't because Latah isn't forking it out, Latah forks all they can, and them some; it is because the MSD Administration is hoarding and misspending the money, wasting resources, and misappropriating it. They cannot manage and distribute it according to the needs and to those that deserve it. 


    Dr. Weitz, on the other hand has actually done something for the school district. He gave them an entire school building. He provided young men and women with useful, employable skills and a brighter future. He served on the board, he donated money, time, and resources to an institution that gave him NOTHING in return. And now that he believes a law has been broken, violating the trust and rights of the people of Moscow, others, who have done nothing for the MSD, or anything for Moscow, actually have the gall to attack him and question his motives?!?


    I challenge anyone who calls Wietz not a hero, to demonstrate to the community their past level of service as being greater than his. Otherwise, I say expand your mind and vocabulary by trying to find the definition of "hypocrite".  





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