[Vision2020] yes, Weitz is suing Moscow School District

Andreas Schou ophite at gmail.com
Fri May 4 19:53:02 PDT 2007

> If it is in fact true that the Moscow School District is illegally
> collecting funding from the people in Moscow, I hope indeed that Dr. Weitz
> is successful in his lawsuit. All tax increases should be legal, otherwise
> it would be called stealing. I hope even our most liberal proponents for
> education are not in favor of stealing.

The paternalistic theory that Weitz is basing his lawsuit on is that,
somehow, people's behavior today is driven entirely by the wording of a
ballot measure fifteen years ago, and not the debate surrounding the funding
of the schools today. This seems a rather thin basis to sue to reverse the
will of the people of Moscow.

Just to clarify, Donovan: are you making the wildly hyperbolic argument that
a dispute over the wording of a ballot question is tantamount to "stealing"?
And are you arguing for the (widely discredited) theory of "taxpayer's

-- ACS
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