[Vision2020] Question for you legal eagles

Glenn Schwaller vpschwaller at gmail.com
Fri May 4 10:36:21 PDT 2007

Doug Wilson may have gone back on the point of having Steven Sitler attend
his church, but once again, this is going to fall under the purvey of
District 2 probation and parole.  As I stated earlier, I suspect Mr Sitler
will need to have an approved (by the Department of Corrections) chaperone
in order to attend ANY events or be in places where he may have any type of
contact (this could include even eye contact) with victims or potential
victims.  What Doug Wilson, Mr Sitler, his attorney, parents, friends etc.
WANT and what the Department of Corrections is going to ALLOW are very much
mutually exclusive.

The chaperone will be "watching the pervert" and it is highly unlikely he
will be "sitting deeply in the audience" - more likely he will be sitting
front and center of the sanctuary where he will have limited view of the
congregation, and they will have full view of him.

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