[Vision2020] It's not "cyberstalking" unless you harass someone,

J Ford privatejf32 at hotmail.com
Thu May 3 20:57:01 PDT 2007

I'd tell you go do yourself, but you'd have to grow some first.  Which isn't 
about to happen this late in the game, now is it?

The end.

J  :]

>From: heirdoug at netscape.net
>To: vision2020 at moscow.com
>Subject: [Vision2020] It's not "cyberstalking" unless you harass someone,
>Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 23:24:03 -0400
>Thanks J. for presenting your expertise in this matter.
>You’re the one that would know fer sure.
>I don't know why I didn't contact you first off... you being the best 
>example of it and all.
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