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I wonder if the court was/is aware of Sitler's now deleted web photo gallery of children including some of his alleged victims.

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Yes.  As a matter of fact I am concerned about:


Steven James Sitler



Although he is on a life-term probation, according to paragraph 4 of the "Order Suspending Execution of Sentence and Order of Probation":


"(4)  Travel :  Except as provided in paragraph 19 below, the defendant shall not leave Idaho or defendant's assigned probation district of Lewis, Idaho, Clearwater, Nez Perce, and Latah counties without first obtaining written permission of defendant's supervising probation officer."


Paragraph 19 reads:


"(19) The defendant shall remain in the custody of the Latah county Sheriff for one (1) year with treatment release authorized to allow the defendant to travel at his own expense and by his vehicle directly to and from treatment with [NAME AND ADDRESS OF COUNSELOR]."


My understanding is that if Mr. Sitler should obtain written permission from his probation officer, he can then move to Pullman and thereby conceivably no longer be required to register as a sex offender in Idaho,  This concern is very real as Mr. Sitler has ties to communities in Washington.


Of significant coincidence is paragraph 20:


"(20) This case shall come before the court for review on the 4th day of May, 2007 [TOMORROW], at 4:00 p.m., at which time the court will review the defendant's progress and status and determine whether any modifications of the defendant's probation conditions are appropriate."




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Well like most legal issues, the answer is "It depends".  Strictly speaking, if (s)he resides in Idaho, (s)he registers in Idaho; residence in Washington requires registration in Washington.  It depends on what Probation and Parole have to say about where this person can live, work, and visit.  Depending on the nature of the crime and the person involved, (s)he may not be able to leave the jurisdiction, period.  I know of a case in which the offender owns property in rural Latah county, but may not be able to live on that property because it is outside of the city limits.  Other cases may allow the offender live in Moscow, but work in Pullman, requiring a travel permit to go outside of the state.  This would most likely require them to call their probation officer when they leave the state and when they return.  They may be given very strict limits on where they can go, or time limits on how long they can spend going from home to the workplace.  Attending church, or going shopping will likely require having an approved chaperone accompany them if they are going to be in places that may be "at risk" (lots of definitions on what that means - questions?  Just ask). 

A specific case in point got yer curiousity aroused?



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