[Vision2020] Ga$oline Price$

KRFP krfp at radiofreemoscow.org
Wed May 2 12:59:39 PDT 2007

A fitting testimony to the fourth anniversary of Bush's infamous 
"Mission Accomplished" speech.

Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L.) has been and will continue to be 
about the control of their oil.  It will not end until the Iraqi 
parliament sign away their oil rights to Exxon - BP- et.al.   Then we 
will see a cheery exit staged for us by whatever administration is "in 

[Disclaimer: this is a personal post I am making using the station's 
account, my views do not necessarily reflect those of the station, 
though in this case they probably do.]

Ellen Roskovich wrote:
> *I just now walked in the door after visiting the gas station.  What a 
> shock!  I was kicking myself for not topping off last Friday when it 
> was still under $3.00.  Isn't anyone mad as hell yet?  The price of 
> gas keeps climbing up and that's going to drive the price of all 
> commodities through the ceiling.  We rely on trucks to get goods to 
> the marketplace. . . you're going to see prices on the shelves 
> climb even more than they have in the past couple weeks.*
> *Ellen Roskovich  *

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