[Vision2020] Racism?

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Ok how about problems with gangs. Lets say latino gangs. Would a person 
suspect a latino or the red headed irish kid?

The long hair is bringing up my point that profiling is a must.

Gotta go

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>I don't believe that prejudicial selection of "long hairs" for urinalysis
>tests, based solely on the person's long hair, could be considered "racist"
>unless you can pigeon-hole "long hairs" as a specific race or culture.
>The subject article deals with a unit in the New Mexico national guard
>consisting primarily of Hispanic soldiers.  Why that specific unit?  Why 
>national guard (and/or reserve) units out of Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit,
>. . . ?  Are Hispanics from New Mexico more likely to be gang-affiliated
>than enlistees from those cities I mention?
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>Just wondering, is profiling also racist?
>This story has many "what ifs" to it. Sure we can all say that pulling all
>latinos out of the unit could be racist. But were they?
>What if a person said so and so is using drugs and the guy is a long
>haired(longest hair a person can have the military) hippie. Would that be
>such a bad use of profilling, if all "long hairs" are pissed tested?
>Enough for now
> >From: "Tom Hansen" <thansen at moscow.com>
> >To: "Vision 2020" <vision2020 at moscow.com>
> >Subject: [Vision2020] Racism?
> >Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 05:47:40 -0700
> >
> >In my opinion, racial profiling is racism, regardless of what your day 
> >is.  We don't tolerate it in civilian life.  We demand, and expect, 
> >from those in uniform.
> >
> > >From the May 6, 2007 edition of the Army Times -
> >
> >--------------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> >Racism?
> >Strip search for gang tattoos spurs cries of profiling
> >
> >The commander of New Mexico's National Guard demanded an apology from 
> >leadership after dozens of his soldiers in a mostly Hispanic unit were
> >ordered to strip to their gym shorts and then were searched for gang
> >tattoos
> >while on duty in Kuwait.
> >
> >Army officials said the searches of 58 guardsmen in a unit called Task
> >Force
> >Cobra last May were proper and legal.
> >
> >But Brig. Gen. Kenny Montoya, head of the state Guard, said he believes
> >ethnicity played a role in the episode - the unit is 55 percent Hispanic.
> >
> >"I said something wrong was done there, and it was because of race, and I
> >want to make sure it will not happen again," Montoya said.
> >
> >The search was prompted by an unsubstantiated allegation from a soldier 
> >another unit who complained about gang activity among soldiers in Kuwait.
> >The soldier claimed to have seen gang tattoos among members of Task Force
> >Cobra's parent unit.
> >
> >The search, conducted by a Criminal Investigation Command agent, turned 
> >no gang tattoos. The Army forbids extremist, racist, sexist or vulgar
> >tattoos and prohibits membership in any extremist group, though rules do
> >not
> >specifically mention gangs.
> >
> >The Army recommended discipline against three soldiers who objected to 
> >searches. Maj. Kenneth Nava, a spokesman for the New Mexico Guard, said
> >those three were counseled but not otherwise punished.
> >
> >After the Albuquerque Journal reported the incident this week, New 
> >congressional delegation demanded a full investigation from the Army. 
> >Bill Richardson, the nation's only Hispanic governor and a Democratic
> >presidential hopeful, said he supports an investigation into the 
> >searches."
> >
> >The New Mexico chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens 
> >expressed outrage.
> >
> >Maj. Anne Edgecomb, an Army spokeswoman at the Pentagon, said in an 
> >Wednesday to The Associated Press that the Army had just received the 
> >for a full investigation and had yet to respond.
> >
> >The task force is made up of nearly 190 soldiers and deployed in November
> >2005 to provide convoy security in Iraq, Kuwait and Qatar. The unit
> >returned
> >last November.
> >
> >--------------------------------------------------------------------
> >
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