[Vision2020] : 11 year-old Montana girl shoots twohome intruders

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Between 1996-1999 459 children under the age of 5 died from accidental 
drowning in non-pool home accidents.
Bathtubs accounted for 292 deaths, 5-gallon buckets were second with 58 
deaths, even the toilet claimed 16 lives. Source: US Consumer Product Safety 
It doesn't matter whether it was an accidental shooting or an accidental 
drowning. The fact remains, the ADULT failed in his or her responsibilty.
Is the death of a child any less tragic if it is by drowning or being left 
in a vehicle?

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> I'm happy to respond to your push, Kai, with a shove:  I can dig up as 
> many
> stories highlighting the tragedy of guns in homes as you can pro-gun
> stories.  Here's a *local* example, and there are a heartbreaking number 
> of
> similar tragedies across the country.
> Lewiston child dies of gunshot wound
> By Kerri Sandaine
> Tuesday, June 26, 2007
> A 3-year-old boy died Monday afternoon from a single gunshot wound to the
> chest after shooting himself with a handgun.
> According to Clarkston police, the boy was apparently playing with a 9 mm
> semi-automatic when it went off. The incident occurred at 716 Third St.
> The name of the child and his mother have not been released, pending
> notification of the boy's father, who lives out of the area.
> Clarkston Police Chief Joel Hastings said the Lewiston boy and his mother,
> who do not live at the residence, were outside where she was doing yard 
> work
> when the boy went in the house to use the bathroom. A few minutes later, 
> she
> heard a gunshot and went inside, where she found her son in a bedroom.
> The woman called 911 on her cell phone, Hastings said. A neighbor walking 
> by
> saw the frantic mother and started CPR on the boy. The boy was alive when
> police and emergency medical crews arrived.
> Sgt. Jon Coe of the Clarkston Police Department was the first officer to
> arrive on the scene, which is two blocks from the station. Coe packed the
> child out to the ambulance, and he was taken to St. Joseph's Regional
> Medical Center in Lewiston. The boy died a short time later at the 
> hospital,
> police said.
> The mother's boyfriend lives at the house, Hastings said. They were in the
> process of doing some home improvements, and she planned to move there in 
> a
> couple months, he said. The boyfriend was out getting some building 
> supplies
> when the accidental shooting took place. The gun was reportedly kept in a
> dresser, police said.
> Sandaine may be contacted atkerris at lmtribune.com or(208) 743-9600, ext. 
> 264.
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> nothing.
> - Edmund Burke
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> intruders
> Unfortunately things like this DO happen. Generally not with an 11 year 
> old,
> though. But, then again, why should age matter when defending oneself?
> The police cannot defend everyone, they can only react "after" a crime has
> been commited. It is incumbent on each of us to take measures to protect
> ourselves.
> snope these:
> July 11
> JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A 24-year-old man was shot several times in an
> exchange of gunfire with a Panama Park homeowner Wednesday morning during
> what police described as a home invasion robbery.
> Just after 9 a.m., police responding to a burglar alarm in the 7100 block 
> of
> Elwood Avenue found the door kicked in and witnesses describing gunfire 
> both
> inside and outside the home.
> Investigators said Jonathan Comas and Donovan Thomas, 21, broke into the
> house, waking up Johnny Johnson.
> Johnson said he grabbed his gun and got to the living room in time to see
> two men turning around to leave.
> "I was the first person to shoot, I guarantee it, because they were in my
> house," Johnson said. "I look up, see the guy and I shoot twice, then I
> start hearing shots."
> Johnson said he fired five or six shots, then dove for cover when he heard
> gunfire coming from outside.
> Police said Comas, who was shot several times, was taken to
> Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center by Thomas and Sandra Flood, 27, who
> officers said was driving a vehicle used in the incident. Late Wednesday,
> Comas was reported to be in critical condition.
> Johnson's mother got a call from her son saying someone was in the house.
> "He said, 'Mom, somebody broke into the house. I think they're still in
> here,'" Joann Christopher said. "As he's talking to me, I'm hearing
> gunshots."
> Johnson told Channel 4's Dan Leveton that he thinks the men turned around
> and started to leave because there wasn't much in the house. Police think
> they might have been scared off by the alarm.
> "I'm lucky to be alive," Johnson said. "Somebody could have died, and I
> could have been me."
> Police said Thomas and Flood were be arrested and charged with 
> home-invasion
> robbery. They were ordered held without bond pending an arraignment on 
> Aug.
> 2.
> Officers said Comas was absentee booked on the same charges as he remains
> hospitalized.
> July 4
> HICKORY, N.C. -- An elderly man feared for his life and shot a 23-year-old
> man who broke into his home Tuesday night in Hickory.
> The 79-year-old man woke up to find that someone had broken into his home.
> His quick thinking may have saved his life and his wife's.
> The man told his wife to go the neighbor's house and be safe. Get out 
> while
> she could.
> The man then grabbed his handgun that he had in the house and waited for 
> the
> intruder.
> When the burglar walked into his bedroom, the elderly man shot him in the
> head.
> The elderly man said it was a split second decision and one that he 
> doesn't
> regret.
> Investigators said the man had a right to defend himself and his home.
> The 23-year-old intruder is in the hospital and is expected to survive.
> Investigators said that he would be arrested as soon as he is discharged
> from the hospital.
> Just a guy who believes in the right of self defense and >legal<
> immigration.
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>> Chuck Kovis posted:
>> www.snopes.com/politics/crime/homeinvasion
>> Thanks, Chuck, for setting the record straight.
>> I'd previously heard about this email hoax from family who live in MT --
>> people there are HOPPING MAD that lies like this about MT are spreading 
>> on
>> the Internet -- but I'm glad to have confirmation.
>> I *know* there's a sucker born every minute, and I guess the allure
>> getting
>> a two'fer (gun nuts and anti-immigration nuts) was just too much for some
>> to
>> resist and to heck with such lofty notions as honesty and integrity.  For
>> those folks -- clearly -- the ends justify *any* scummy means.
>> I always kind of get a kick when fanatics pull idiotic stunts like that
>> because it says a whole lot about them  ;-)  However, this one is a 
>> little
>> different:  I was deeply disturbed by the comments added at the beginning
>> and the end of the forward.  Be afraid, folks, be very, very afraid of
>> people with the fanaticism to add comments like that  :-(  What's wrong
>> with
>> America today?  Those comments sure give us a clue, don't they?
>> Saundra Lund
>> Moscow, ID
>> The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do
>> nothing.
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