[Vision2020] Update on the Latah Eagle/Boomerang

Kai Eiselein, editor editor at lataheagle.com
Thu Jan 25 11:47:49 PST 2007

As you all know, there was some commotion about the increase in printing
costs for the two newspapers last month. After a talk with Nathan Alford,
publisher of the Daily News, it came to light there was a typo in the letter
we recieved announcing the price hike. The increase isn't nearly as high as
what we were led to believe by the letter. In addition, we were told that
the Tribune/News had been operating their press at a loss for newspapers
that failed to meet the minimum and could no longer afford to do so. We can
understand this, no business, especially newspapers, in this day and age can
afford to operate anything at a loss.
The Eagle and Boomerang will continue as separate entities. After reviewing
the figures, consolodating the two papers would have resulted in a wash,
with nothing gained, nor lost.
Other changes are in the works, however, including a new website, which will
allow us to update stories weekly, or daily, if needed. It will also  allow
us to showcase photos in color and let viewers see photos that did not
appear in the "hard copy".
I would like to take this time to say "thank you" to all of you who have
supported the Eagle over the years, we do appreciate it.
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