[Vision2020] BRAGGADOCIO

heirdoug at netscape.net heirdoug at netscape.net
Mon Jan 22 15:26:50 PST 2007

Dear Lana Lang, or is it Lois Lane, or is it Lex Luthor, or is it Lame 
Lemuel or is it ‘tar baby,

When one is not living in Idaho one does not have to pay taxes to 

As to your true identity … Bitter older folk who were raised on a 
typewriter use two spaces after each sentence. Those who learned to 
type on a computer use only one! Your tell speaks volumes.

Leroy Lincoln lincoln_leroy at yahoo.com

There's a male poster to this forum who likes to brag about how much 
he makes working out of state.

Two axioms:

1.    The state of Idaho surely appreciates all the taxes you pay to 
her (surely
you're doing everything legally).  There's only one thing more 
classless than
someone telling/boasting about how clever and/or upright they consider
  themselves to be; that's someone boasting about how much money they 

2.    Not all males are men.

Excellent PR for your agenda.  (sarcasm)


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